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When an engineering student looks at the spectrum of opportunities available after graduation, it can be quite daunting. The student may know next to nothing about what comes after finally finishing the four or more years of school.

Fortunately, there are events designed to expose students to what lies beyond university.

October was a month with two such events, run by the University of Calgary’s Engineering Students’ Society. On Oct. 6, the annual APEGGA Mixer was held in the dining centre at the U of C. This event was sponsored by APEGGA and co-organized by APEGGA and ESS.

Professionals mingled with about 110 students for two hours. It was a great opportunity for students to network with the professionals, make contacts and find out what it’s like outside of school.

Seeing the Future
Students find out more about what their careers might hold for them, during the Science and Engineering Career Fair.

In addition, 16 technical societies were represented at the mixer. Students were able to learn about these societies and were given the opportunity to become student members of many. In more than one case student membership was available free of charge at the mixer.

The APEGGA Mixer has been much more successful over the last two years than previously. And it continues to improve. Student attendance this year and last year was estimated at 110 and 130, compared with fewer than 60 students in previous years. In addition, the tech society count is up as well.

All in all, the APEGGA Mixer continues to be a success thanks to the support of APEGGA and ESS.

Career Fair
The second event was the Science and Engineering Career Fair, Oct. 14. It was organized through a group effort by ESS, the Computer Science Undergraduate Society, and Career Services.

Career Services is an organization at the University of Calgary that assists all students in their job searches — both while in school and after graduation. It does this both by helping students find jobs, and also by giving workshops and presentations that teach the job-seeker vital skills.

The career fair was a great success, with the student turnout of 3,000 doubling the expectation. Forty-two companies had displays at the career fair, and while not all of them were engineering companies (some were science companies), by far the majority were.

The engineering companies present came from a range of areas. There were many oil-and-gas companies, but also some electrical companies (such as ENMAX), computer/software companies such as the fair’s major corporate sponsor, Symantec, and many more.

For the thousands of students attending the career fair, there was no shortage of information. Students who will soon be graduating were informed of many job postings available. Those who aren’t graduating this year had a great opportunity to learn about the many different jobs and fields in industry.

ESS Comments
According to ESS Vice-President Academic Taryn Hill, the goal of the two events is “to provide students with opportunities to make industry contacts and find out what’s out there.” This year was a particularly good one, especially with the career fair.

The career fair “exceeded all expectations” and the APEGGA mixer was also successful, said Taryn.

Both events are great opportunities for students to improve their networking skills as well as learn about companies and other organizations that make themselves available at the events. They’re also a good opportunity for companies and technical societies to make themselves known to students.

Students are there because they want to learn more about the people and organizations they’ll encounter after graduation.

Special thanks go out to APEGGA for all its help sponsoring these events, and to Career Services for its work putting together the career fair this year. And of course, thanks to the professionals for donating their time to benefit students.


Organizations interested in participating in either the
APEGGA mixer or the career fair next year, or seeking
more information, send e-mails to essvpac@ucalgary.ca

Note: This is the address of the VP Academic of
the ESS and does not change, regardless of who holds the position.


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