APEGGA Membership Fees Remain the Same for 1998

APEGGA Council has passed a 1998 budget which will result in individual fees for full members in the Association remaining at last year's level of $155.

At its Nov. 27 meeting in Edmonton, Council unanimously passed a budget for the coming year, based on projected revenues of $5,082,599 and expenditures of $5,201,588. The difference between expected revenues and expenditures will be made up by drawing upon the Operating Reserve. Association policy requires maintaining operating reserves sufficient to cover six months of operation. With the planned withdrawal of funds from the operating reserves, that fund will still maintain an amount equivalent to the requirement for operating the Association for 7.6 months. (The 1997 budget had called for reserves equivalent to 7.45 months of operation.)

Neil Windsor, P.Eng., Executive Director and Registrar, said that every effort was made to ensure the highest quality delivery of the many programs offered by APEGGA without requiring a fee increase for members. APEGGA membership fees are amongst the lowest in Canada and will remain at the 1997 level. Programs offered include the new Continuing Professional Development Program, proactive practice reviews and an expanded Public Relations and Awareness Program. Plans for expanded services to members will be announced in the coming months.

As a result of adjustments made in accounting procedures, direct comparison with past years for various expenditure categories is difficult. However, major areas of expenditures are in communications ($1.6 million), administration ($1.3 million), and registration and compliance ($956,000).

In terms of revenue, close to $4.3 million, or 84 per cent, will be generated through annual dues and permit fees. Remaining revenues will flow from registration administration and exam fees, as well as general revenues.

APEGGA President Dennis Lindberg, P.Eng., said that the budget follows the course laid down in the Business Plan, 1997and Beyond. It reflects some increase in revenues due to higher-than-expected activity in new applications for registration, a reflection of the high level of activity currently being experienced in Alberta, and some decrease in revenue due to changes in the regulations governing licensure of corporations. This decrease will impact more fully on revenues for 1999 and may necessitate a fee increase for that budget year.

Overall, he said, the budget shows continued financial strength and growth and a responsible program of revenues and expenditures which fulfil the requirements of APEGGAŐs Business Plan and strategic initiatives.