Legislature Acknowledges APEGGA's
30,000th Member

APEGGA has passed a milestone with the registration of its 30,000th member, Susan Kwan, P.Eng., who currently is employed by Interprovincial Pipe Line Inc. in Edmonton.

With Ms. Kwan, a 1986 graduate in computer engineering from the University of Alberta, and senior APEGGA officials observing from the gallery, the occasion was marked on March 9 by statements in the Legislature by both the Government and the Official Opposition.

In his statement, Public Works, Supply and Services Minister Stan Woloshyn, the minister responsible for the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act, said: with 30,000 members, APEGGA is the largest professional association in the province of Alberta and the third largest engineering and geoscience association in Canada.

Our economic growth has meant opportunities for professional engineers and geoscientists from across the country and 10around the globe. In fact, it is anticipated that over the next several years there'll be a shortage of engineers in our province. Alberta universities graduate approximately 700 engineering students each year, yet APEGGA registers between 1,200 and 1,500 professional members annually and expects to exceed those numbers this year.

To meet this challenge, there are increasingly large numbers of young people enrolling in our engineering, geology, and geophysics programs at the University of Alberta and The University of Calgary. I am confident that the future in Alberta holds much promise for them. Alberta's engineers, geologists, and geophysicists are in demand across the country and around the globe. Their work contributes more than $9 billion annually to our economy. It ensures the safety of the public and enhances our quality of life.

Congratulations to your 30,000 members.

Lance White, P.Eng., Liberal MLA for Edmonton-Calder, in his response said:

I would like to congratulate the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta for two reasons: first, as the minister has so aptly pointed out, that APEGGA now has registered our 30,000th member and, second, for just having completed National Engineering Week, which focuses on engineering for a better future. It is a celebration of Alberta's problem-solvers, practical inventors who use science and technology to turn ideas into reality, providing us with research, innovation, and technological achievements that help our lives run easier, healthier, more productively and more fun. As we approach the turn of the century, we recognize more than ever the contributions of engineers to making our Alberta strong and growing and how they inspire a generation of young people with their insight and expertise.

As a member of this Assembly, I am pleased and privileged to extend my congratulations to this accomplished association, of which this engineer happens to be a proud member.