Committee Contributions Lead

To Voluntary Service Awards

APEGGA Voluntary Service Awards recently have been presented to 15 members of the Association in recognition of their contributions to committees over a six-year period. Those receiving such awards are:


Bob Arthur, P.Eng., Medicine Hat;

Gordon Barrington, P.Eng., Calgary;

Stephen Calderwood, P.Eng., Calgary;

Dave Chalcroft, P.Eng., Calgary;

Mike Curtin, P.Eng., Calgary;

Paula Harding, P.Eng., Edmonton;

Wenona Irving, P.Eng., Edmonton;

Al MacDonald, P.Eng., Edmonton;

Bill May, P.Geol., Calgary;

Arun Mishra, P.Eng., PhD, Red Deer:

Nina Novak, P.Eng., P.Biol., Calgary;

John Peirce, P.Geoph., PhD, Calgary;

Jane Tink, P.Eng., Calgary;

Chris Wade, P.Eng., Calgary; and

Graham Walker, P.Eng., PhD, Edmonton.