Energy Department Land
Postings Enter the E-World

Are you involved in requesting that land be posted for the public offering of petroleum and natural gas or oilsands agreements by the Alberta Department of Energy? If so, the current phase of e-Tenure affects you directly.

The joint tenure e-business initiative between industry and the Alberta Department of Energy will see a substantial portion of Alberta’s tenure business conducted electronically.

In the current Phase 2 of e-Tenure, the e-posting system is anticipated to go live for the posting acceptance period beginning March 30, 2005. Once the process is launched, it will be mandatory to use this system. Phase 1 of e-Tenure saw the successful conversion of transfers to a web-based system as of March 31, 2004.

To allow you to search the lands you want to post by either graphical or text-based entry, the system will have a query function, which will return the most recent restrictions and information on the land, limited to what information is needed to do a posting. This will help ensure you know exactly what rights and lands you are requesting and will reduce the number of surprises once the posting is published.

Access to the e-postings system will be via a secure electronic transfer system. Your company may be using this system now to do transfers or order searches.

You will want to change some of your current practices to appropriately use the e-Postings system. Under the new e-posting system your company will be able to identify people for one or more of four specific roles, helping to ensure only trained staff submit requests and thus reducing errors and omissions. These roles are creator, submitter, viewer and co-ordinator.

An information exchange on e-posting is planned for Nov. 25, and registration is being coordinated by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Land Administration. More information can be found on the association’s website, closer to the date. Training for this new system is expected to occur in early 2005 and information on this will be posted to the e-Tenure webpage.

“I am sure you will find the new system easy to use and helpful in your business practices making it easier than ever to post lands,” says Brenda Allbright, Director of Tenure Business Analysis and Sales.


And contact anyone in industry on the e-postings
working committee, listed in the tenure section of the site


E-mail Retha Purkis
Manager of P&NG Sales

Brenda Allbright
Director of Tenure Business Analysis and Sales

The tenure section of the website also contains definitions
of the roles your company will need to adopt.

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