September , 1999

Changes to Industries of Practice &
Areas of Specialization for CPD

APEGGA's Continuing Professional Development program (CPD) became mandatory in September 1997. Annually, all members are required to report their practicing status, industry of practice, area of specialization and professional development hours claimed for the previous 12-month period.

Initially, the program relied on industry of practice and area of specialization categories that were selected from a Statistics Canada profile of occupational titles. However, as the program has progressed, it has become evident that these categories are not sufficient to adequately address the diversity of our members' work. Hundreds of members have sent in suggestions on how the categories could be revised. Dozens of members, who claimed "other" for industry or area of specialization, were contacted directly to obtain clarification on the nature of their work. As well, the CSPG-CSEG-APEGGA Liaison Committee reviewed the existing geology and geophysics industries and areas of specialization for appropriateness.

Beginning with the October 1999 CPD Report Forms, there will be new industry of practice and area of specialization categories. While few changes were made to industries of practice, areas of specialization were modified extensively. Several new engineering specialization categories and subcategories have been added to cover petroleum engineering, environmental engineering, software engineering and geomatics, to name a few. Geoscience members will notice that their areas of specialization have been collapsed to encompass broader areas. As well, a Non-Technical section has been added to include members who no longer directly practice the professions, but who influence them as managers or executives.

When filling in your next CPD report form, please take the time to review the new categories and ensure that you are listed under the proper industry and area. Many categories have been added, removed, collapsed or renumbered, so it is important that you verify your status. Also, if you do not see the industry you work in listed, please take the time to ensure that it is an industry and not and area of specialization.

Many members who commented that their industry was not listed, were in fact reporting areas. For example, "Petroleum exploration" is an area of specialization. The appropriate industry for a member working in this area is "Refined petroleum, natural gas & coal products". If after carefully reviewing the categories you are still unable to decide where you fit, please contact the Association and we will be pleased to assist you. The categories will continue to be refined from time to time to reflect changes in the professions. In the interim, your comments and suggestions are welcome. Further information on the CPD program can be found on APEGGA's website at

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