September , 1999

APEGGA Directors Inform Members
About Association


As part of the Association's ongoing efforts to develop closer relationships with its membership, senior APEGGA staff recently have had opportunities to meet some Members in their place of employment and to conduct information sessions. Photo (above) shows professional engineers employed at Union Carbide Canada's Prentiss plants as they listen to a presentation. APEGGA Director of Professional Development Len Shrimpton, P.Eng., APEGGA Director of Registration and Compliance Dave Todd, P.Eng., and Director of Communications & Public Affairs Chrys Dmytruk, P.Eng., attended the Prentiss session, arranged through the auspicies of the APEGGA Central Alberta Branch.

According to Kim Ng, P.Eng., a Union Carbide employee and APEGGA Central Alberta Branch member: "The event was very successful and raised the profile and awareness of APEGGA among our local members at the branch site."

Similar presentations were held in Edmonton on May 31 at Enbridge Pipelines Inc. and on June 21 at Public Works and Government Services Canada. Employers and employee groups interested in similar presentations are asked to contact Director of Communications & Public Affairs Chrys Dmytruk, P.Eng. (426-3990/toll free 1-800-661-7020) or by e-mail


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