September , 1999

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In order to respond to Members' interests in issues pertaining to the professions and APEGGA, and increase contact with Members, The PEGG is introducing a new regular feature inviting Members to submit questions. Questions should be clear, well-focused and of general interest to Members. Please include your name with the query. Normally, we will publish the questioner's name. However, The PEGG will withhold names upon request but we ask that you forward your name and a means of reaching you if clarification is needed. Please forward your question to: The Editor, The PEGG via mail (15th Floor, Scotia Place, Tower One, 10060 Jasper AV NW, Edmonton AB T5J 4A2); fax (780-425-1722) or e-mail (

In implementing a Continuing Professional Development Program, why did APEGGA choose to have a non-practicing category?

The Association recognizes that many of our Members may choose to pursue a number of different interests throughout their careers. Many who start out directly practicing the professions, move on to influencing the professions through their work as managers or executives. Still others choose to leave the professions altogether. It is this latter group of Members who fall into the non-practicing category.

Non-practicing Members may be exempted from the requirements of the CPD program. They remain bound by the Act, Regulations and Code of Ethics, continue to pay annual membership dues and still enjoy the group benefits and networking opportunities. APEGGA Council did not want to withdraw these benefits, especially for those who may find it difficult to access them later in life. It is another example, of the program flexibility that was felt to be necessary. Secondly, Council recognized that Members still like to be associated with a professional organization that represents where they have come from, their roots so to speak, even if they no longer engage in those activities. As long as APEGGA can identify those Members to those who ask, then the public safety and interest is still served. Anyone may call the APEGGA offices to determine a Member's practicing status.

For further information on the CPD program, please visit our website at Your questions, comments, and suggestions on how the program can be improved are always welcome.


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