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Advertising 2002 Rates and Deadlines

The PEGG is published by the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA), 1500 Scotia One, 10060 Jasper Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4A2. Phone: (780) 426-3990; Fax: (780) 426-1877; Direct Fax: (780) 425-1722 Internet: email@apegga.org. Official Organization. Published at the beginning of each month except August and December. Closing date is 12:00 noon on the 15th of the previous month and November 30th for the January, 2002 issue. Rate Card effective January 2002. Rates are net, and apply to camera-ready material. All advertising is subject to G.S.T. (Registration #106728603).

George Lee, Managing Editor
Christine Croswell, Editorial Assistant (please call for advertising and deadlines)






Full Page 222 x 5 15 3/4" x 10 3/8" $2,650.00
Half Page 110 x 5 7 7/8" x 10 3/8" 1,450.00
Third Page 122 x 3 8 5/8" x 6 1/8" 900.00
Quarter Page 90 x 3 6 3/8" x 6 1/8" 700.00
Eighth Page 70 x 2 5" x 4" 350.00

Per Measured Agate Line
Per Column Inch

Additional Colour Charges

Black & White plus 1 spot colour $200.00

plus 2 spot colours $400.00

full process colour $600.00

Professional Directory Standard Size Only

Business Card 28 x 2 2" x 4" $125.00

56 x 1 4" x 2" $125.00

Mechanical Requirements

Advertisements must be camera ready, in the form of glossy black and white reproduction proofs, or on disc (if accompanied by a laser draft) using:

a) Pagemaker 5.0-6.x file for MacIntosh (preferred);

b) QuarkXpress 3.3, or better, file for MacIntosh ["a)" and "b)" formats must be accompanied by all fonts and supporting files on disk]; or

c) Encapsulated Post Script (EPS) file provided it contains a MacIntosh screen preview and all downloading fonts are contained within the EPS.

Printed web press, 100 line screen.

Tabloid page: 10 3/8" x 15 3/4" deep. Columns per page; five (5). Column width 11.5 picas; (1 15/16").


Circulation - As of January 2002

Average total controlled distribution: 37,890. Geographical breakdown: Alberta: 31,849, Other Provinces: 4,023, United States: 1,428, Other: 590

Publisher Set Ads

An extra charge will be applied for ads typeset by the publisher. The publisher limits liability for errors in printed ads to 10% of the space value of the ad.

Editorial Policy

Editorial copy is considered separately from advertising sales. While no commitment for editorial coverage can form any part of a sale agreement, announcements appropriate to the advertisement, where deemed beneficial to the readership, will be considered if space permits.

Terms of Payment

Payment is due on receipt of invoice. Interest charges on unpaid accounts after 30 days: 2% per month.

Professional Advertisements

Advertisements for professional positions in engineering, geology and geophysics in Alberta should indicate when membership in APEGGA is a requirement.


All advertisements must be acceptable to the publisher in content and design. Cancellation and major changes in insertion orders will not be accepted after the closing date. Advertiser and advertising agency agree that THE PEGG (APEGGA) shall be under no liability for the failure, for any cause, to insert an advertisement. Advertiser and advertising agency assume liability for the content (including text representation and illustrations) of advertisements printed and also assume responsibility for any claims arising as a result against the publisher.


PEGG Deadlines - 2002

MARCH ---- Feb. 15, 2002

APRIL ---- March 15, 2002

MAY ---- April 15, 2002

JUNE ---- May 15, 2002

JULY ---- June 14, 2002

(No August PEGG)

SEPTEMBER ---- Aug. 15, 2002

OCTOBER ---- Sept. 13, 2002

NOVEMBER ---- Oct. 15, 2002

(No December PEGG)

Material submitted on the deadline date (as noted above) must be received no later than 12:00 Noon.

Advertisers submitting material should book ad space at least two (2) weeks prior to the submission deadline (especially if submitting larger ads and colour ads). To further facilitate an orderly production process, advertisers are encouraged to submit material prior to the deadline. INSERTION OF ADS BOOKED CLOSE TO OR ON THE SUBMISSION DEADLINE, CANNOT BE GUARANTEED.


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  • Latest Additions
  • News Releases
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    Copyright 2002 The Association of Professional
    Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta.
    All rights reserved

    HEAD Office
    APEGGA 1500 Scotia One
    10060 Jasper Ave. Edmonton AB T5J 4A2
    780.426.3990    1.800.661.7020 (within North America)
    Fax: 780.426.1877
    E-mail: email@apegga.org

    Calgary Office
    APEGGA 1600 Life Plaza, 734 - 7 Ave. SW
    Calgary AB T2P 3P8
    Fax: 403.269.2787

    Effective Dec. 13 our new address will be:
    2200, Scotia Centre
    700 2nd Street SW
    Calgary, AB T2P 2W1
    Fax: 403.269.2787