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Engineering - Visions of Things to Come
March 1 - 9, 2003

National Engineering week (NEW) is an annual opportunity to highlight not just engineering, but science, math and technology. Since its inception in 1992, NEW has been steadily gaining popularity. This year, APEGGA has joined many other provincial associations in extending NEW to include the geosciences, making this Alberta's first ever National Engineering and Geosciences Week.

Initiated by the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers (CCPE) as a means of raising awareness of the important role engineering plays in the lives of Canadians, NEW celebrates engineering achievements and highlights the various academic and career opportunities available to Canadians.

APEGGA along with other Canadian provincial and territorial associations will host over 500 events and activities in 2003 to help elementary, junior and senior high school students discover the exciting worlds of science and math. Through a mix of hands-on activities for students and newspaper supplements in Alberta's two largest daily papers, APEGGA has sought to raise the profile of its professional members and highlight their accomplishments.

National Engineering Week and Geosciences Week is filled with opportunities to share math and science among our nation's youth and general public. Engineers across the country can:

visit grade school and high school classrooms
share hands-on activities
sponsor a banquet
participate in the Future City Competition
organize a public tour of interesting local engineering projects
sponsor an engineering day at the local library or museum
develop an engineering-based contest
hold an open house, provide tours of facilities, labs, etc.

Each year, engineers, students, teachers, and government and business leaders across the country take part in this worthy event created to foster an appreciation for engineers' positive contributions to society.

Check out Canadian Council of Professional Engineers Web site.


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