ronald lewko, p.eng.

Mr. Ronald Lewko is currently leader of the Closure Planning and Reclamation Research section at Syncrude Canada Ltd. This body is responsible for developing and implementing a sustainable closure landscape that meets Alberta’s Environment Protection and Enhancement Act’s requirements and stakeholders needs.  He is responsible for engineers, scientists, technicians and researchers in developing techniques and methodologies to bring Syncrude’s disturbed land to a capability equivalent to what existed pre-disturbance.

Mr. Lewko holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and has 15 years of oilsands experience in Fort McMurray.  He began his career at Syncrude in 1992 working as a highwall engineer ensuring slope stability for Dragline/Bucketwheel operations.  In 1996 he became project engineer responsible for foundation design, retaining walls, haul roads, pipeline crossings and geotechnical trouble shooting for the Mine Operations division.  In 2000 he moved to Mine Planning where he managed the construction of the SW In-Pit Dam.  In 2002, he became Business Advisor for the Long-Range Planning group of Bitumen Production Development and in 2006, he joined Closure Planning and Reclamation Research in his current role.