Committee Members

Tracy Zimmerman, P.Geoph., Chair
Chrys Dmytruk, P.Eng.
Kojo Kumi, P.Eng.
Harish Joshi, P.Geoph.
Sonia Mah, P.Eng.
Beth Rose, P.Geoph.
Paul Salvian, P.Eng.
Bob Swift, P.Eng.

Trevor Maine, P.Eng.,
Director, Communications
Nordahl Flakstad,
Publications Editor

Publications and Editorial Advisory Committee

Tracy Zimmerman, P.Geoph., Chair

The Publications and Editorial Advisory Committee's purpose is to ensure excellence in content, composition and format of APEGGA publications. These publications, primarily The PEGG and the Annual Report, are also monitored to keep content consistent with the Association's purpose and objectives.

Monthly meetings are held with Nordahl Flakstad, Publications Editor, and Trevor Maine, P.Eng., Director, Communications. These meetings have been conducted primarily with the use of video conferencing between Edmonton and Calgary. This use of technology has proven to be cost effective without compromising the communication of Committee members, and has reduced volunteer time spent in travel.

Primarily, agendas are a review of the most recent PEGG to critique and point out possible modifications to be made. This, with all Committee members contributing, gives the staff additional feedback, along with the readership access by letters to the editor, etc. Future story ideas are suggested and near future stories considered. Publication costs of The PEGG and the Annual Report are monitored, with any anomalies from the projected budget discussed and recommendations given. Over the past year, a substantial increase in paper costs has been a concern, but budgets have been met. Future cost increases are not projected to be as drastic and an increase in advertising revenue is in place to offset it.

The fact that The PEGG was one of three finalists for the magazine of the year in the trade and association category in the Western Magazine Awards indicates that the efforts of recent years to upgrade our monthly publication are being recognized beyond our Association.

My thanks to committee and staff members for efforts made and time spent over the last term.

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