Committee Members

Nat Rutter, P.Geol., PhD, Chair
Geophysics Student Society:
Barb Wingate, President
Technical Society:
Tom Ross, P.Geol.,
Edmonton Geological Society

Trevor Maine, P.Eng.,
Director, Communications
Jeanne Keaschuk,
Administrator Career Development

University Student Liaison, U of A: APEGGA/Geological/Geophysical Committee

Nat Rutter, P.Geol., PhD, Chair

The mandate of the University Students Liaison Committee is to enhance the professional development of students through interaction with APEGGA members. This is accomplished through the implementation of initiatives which help to ensure regular communication between individual students, the P.S. Warren Society, the Geophysics Student Society, and professionals on the Liaison Committee.

Meetings with APEGGA committee members and representatives of the technical societies provide students with an overview and update on their professions. Peer support, mentor programs, and career counselling utilizing APEGGAs network, are all resources which are promoted to students through the Liaison Committee. The technical societies build a feeling of team spirit and camaraderie through various academic, professional, social and sports programs.

In January 1996, 44 P.S. Warren members attended the 32nd Annual Western Inter-University Geological Conference in Manitoba. This was by far the largest group of students from any university present. Jason Lavigne won the best undergraduate presentation, as well as the John B. Webb Memorial Trophy for the best student presentation.

In the future, a concentrated effort will be made to reach the student member group at large. Initiatives such as workshops, socials, a speakers' bureau, etc., will be formulated to ensure an interactive exchange, rather than an information exchange. The Student Liaison Committee will be restructured and streamlined in order to be even more effective.

The societies are grateful for APEGGA's continued involvement and financial support of their initiatives.

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