Committee Members

Paul Gordon, P.Eng., Chair
Michael Day, P.Geol.
Jacquie Darichuk, P.Eng.
Bob Kerr, P.Eng.
Patrick Keys, P.Eng.
Doug McNeill, P.Eng.
Angie Meyers, E.I.T.
Don Peel, P.Geol.

Trevor Maine, P.Eng.,
Director, Communications
Kimberly Nishikaze,
Public Affairs Officer

Public and Member Relations Committee

Paul Gordon, P.Eng., Chair

The purpose of the Public and Member Relations Committee (PMRC) is to ensure that APEGGA communications programs promote achievement of the Association's mission and are consistent with the Strategic Plan. To this end, the PMRC has developed a five-year Strategic Communications Plan for the period 1994 through 1998. The plan defines strategies to meet the following objectives:
  • to communicate to the public the valuable contributions APEGGA members make to society;
  • to communicate to members that APEGGA is their Association, represents their interests, and provides leadership for the professions of engineering, geology and geophysics in Alberta;
  • to develop ongoing communications with government leaders, so that they understand and support the Association and its initiatives;
  • to encourage students to pursue science and technology as attractive and rewarding career choices, with an emphasis on APEGGA's member professions; and
  • to assist in improving the long-term employment situation for the Association's members by communicating to users of engineering, geological or geophysical services the value of employing the professions.

Major activities for the 1995-96 year were sponsorship events held during National Science and Technology Week, developing the advertising campaign, developing the Professional Member Induction Ceremony and organizing activities for National Engineering Week. Television advertising was used for the first time as part of the promotion of the Association's 75th anniversary. A study conducted on the effectiveness of the television advertising campaign had generally positive results. It was recommended that due to the high cost, television advertising be used sparingly to supplement the print advertising campaigns.

I would like to thank the Committee members and APEGGA staff for their commitment and hard work.

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