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To meet the Board's licensure requirements, you will be required to nominate a minimum of three references. They should be professional members who have supervised your work or acted as mentors. If there have not been three professional members in your career who have been your supervisors, the Board will allow references from supervisors who are not professional members and from professional members who are familiar with your work, such as peers and clients. Ordinarily, individuals providing only character references do not meet the requirements for suitable references.

The references should cover most of the period that you are claiming as valid experience. If the period covered by the three references is insufficient, APEGGA will seek additional references.

References provided by professional members are a critical element in the licensure process. The references must be candid with the Board about your performance without concern for whether their comments may delay your licensure. Their comments to APEGGA should be consistent with what they have told you. There may be obvious differences of opinion between members as to what the standards of performance should be and how you are meeting those standards, but the Board tries to balance such differences in making a reasonable decision. To ensure consistency in responses, your references complete a standard questionnaire. Appendix 2 contains a copy of the reference questionnaire, for your information.

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