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Fluor Employees Proud to Show Off Their Professions


Is there value in taking part in National Engineering & Geoscience Week? Yes there is, say the folks at Fluor Canada.

Talk about professional pride. They seem to have it in spades at Fluor Canada in Calgary. Fluor employees believe strongly in promoting their professions and they do it in part by hosting events during National Engineering & Geoscience Week.

Each year a Fluor employee is chosen to organize the events and ensure their success. “We at Fluor look forward to engineering week every year — not just as a celebration of the profession but also as an opportunity to give back to the community,” says Bryan Lyster, E.I.T., the 2004 coordinator.

If you or your company wants to follow Fluor's example, National Engineering & Geoscience Week is Feb. 25 to March 6, this year. A full story, calendar of events and web addresses for more information appear on Page 4 of this month's PEGG.

Fluor hosts a kick-off breakfast on the Monday morning of the week, in the atrium of its building at 55 Sunpark Plaza. Coffee and doughnuts are enjoyed by about 1,000 employees. A luncheon is also held during the week for engineers, during which 150 Fluor engineers hear a presentation. Last year's presentation was Engendering Success by Dr. Sonia Herasymowych.

To round out the week, the Fluor Discover-E program sends employees to several Calgary schools to make presentations on a variety of engineering topics. In 2004, 28 Fluor volunteers in Calgary put on 14 presentations before about 420 students.

Children in Grades 3 and 4 learn about the robotic hand; Grades 4, 5 and 6 are presented information on static electricity (with the help of APEGGA's Van de Graaf machine); Grades 5 and 6 are introduced to the space shuttle; Grades 7 and 8 learn about bridge building; and Grade 12 advanced chemistry classes deal with oil sands/bitumen upgrading.

“Through our Discover-E presentations, Fluor engineers volunteer their time and effort to go out to local schools in the community and share their knowledge of science and engineering. It's an effort to promote the professions in fun and exciting new ways,” says Mr. Lyster. “Discover-E presentations are done in both an informative and interactive manner, on a level tailored to the particular audience, and feedback is always positive.”

During the American National Engineering Week last year (held the week prior to Canada's version), Fluor Corporation held a Global Friendly Competition for its employees located around the world, including those at Fluor Canada. Loosely based on the popular Junkyard Wars television series, the contest asked participants to build a structure with office supplies presented to them at the competition.

Each team was given 45 minutes to build a structure, and it was judged based on construction and performance criteria. The theme for last year's event was Catch Me if You Can and the top team in Calgary placed third overall. Central Memorial High School and Foothills Composite High School also took part, with each school sending two teams.

Fluor employees also take part in a number of APEGGA NEGW events. Several volunteers participated in the 2004 Elementary Science Nights, bringing the always popular Van de Graaf machine for some hair-raising fun.

Fluor provided a team for the inaugural NEGW kick-off in Calgary, held at City Hall in 2004. The Fluor team won the straw tower competition — and the right to host this year's kick-off festivities, to take place Friday, Feb. 25, at the Fluor building in Calgary.

At press time, plans for Fluor's 2005 activities were still being finalized, but one thing is certain — staff will be out there making the most of National Engineering & Geoscience Week and celebrating the important work they do.

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