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Ceilidh Does Poet Proud

The annual Robbie Burns Night, held Feb. 5 at the Irish Cultural Centre, grows more popular every year as this great tradition catches on. The night featured a live band, and an opening pipe melody to start the night.

Dr. Dave Pattison, P.Geol., Erik Katvala and the geology Rundle Group were the main organizers. Dr. Pattison took great pleasure in teaching his students and colleagues some traditional Scottish dances.

There was food to eat, including, of course, the ever-popular haggis. The traditional Ode to a Haggis was read aloud as it is every year, and the experts say that it was the best reading they'd heard.

A total of about 100 people attended, making it our most successful Robbie Burns Night to date. Thanks to everyone for making this another huge event for the department.

Practicing the Professions

A Practicing the Professions event Feb. 9 featured APEGGA Coun. Darcie Greggs P.Geol., and APEGGA Manager of Geoscience Affairs Penny Colton, P.Geoph., as the speakers this year. They did an excellent job in communicating to students the ethical responsibilities that come along with being part of this organization.

They also stressed why it is so important for all students to register with APEGGA. Unlike the engineering students, geology and geophysics students do not have formal class time set aside for a course in ethics. Plans are in the works to add this to the curriculum in the next few years, but for now Practicing the Professions will go on as an annual event.

The speakers were clear and to the point, and the pizza wasn't bad either!


The annual Trad Cup hockey game takes place towards the end of March. This involves Edmonton geology students playing their Calgary counterparts. The game is usually held in Red Deer, but this year it may be held in Calgary.

I have no doubt that Calgary will rock that tournament!

The annual Engineering and Geoscience Speech Contest was held Feb. 28 to March 4. This event is a National Engineering & Geoscience Week activity.

Geology and Geophysics in the Mall was held on March 5 at Market Mall. This day is aimed at promoting the geociences to the public and specifically to children. There were tables set up with different themes, such as rocks and minerals, petroleum and paleontology.

This attracts a lot of attention every year, and enhances the public's understanding of what geoscience really is.

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