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Pat Osachuk, P.Eng.

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Pat Osachuk, P.Eng., became a member of APEGGA in 1991. Pat received his bachelor of science degree in geological engineering from the University of Manitoba. He is currently working as a production engineer for an oil company in Calgary.

Most of his work experience has been in the oil industry in varying capacities, with the exception of some environmental groundwater work conducted for the federal government.

Pat has been a volunteer with the Outreach program

for two years. During this time he has presented several science demonstrations

within classrooms and public libraries. He has also volunteered at many different career fairs at schools and post secondary institutions.

“It is very rewarding to witness the kids truly having ‘fun with science',” he says.

Why do you volunteer with APEGGA?

As a professional, it is important to give back to society and the community. With the community in mind, I especially like working with youth in the Outreach Program. When I was in school I did not have the opportunity to see some of the professions that APEGGA represents, and I think that volunteering will hopefully help expose our children to some very rewarding possibilities for their future.

I also hope that the community will learn and understand how professionalism and integrity are managed by APEGGA. I often feel that engineers, geologists, and geophysicists are not always recognized as professionals, in the same respect as doctors or lawyers.

What are your other hobbies and interests?

Being an engineer, I lean toward being mechanically inclined. I like to tinker in light automotive mechanics, photography and personal computers. I have started to “develop” a keen interest in digital photography. I also enjoy fitness and the outdoors with mountain biking, hiking and camping.

Is there a person who has been helpful in your development as a professional?

I would have to thank my parents for all of the support, and the lessons that were taught to me over the years — not to mention the financial and moral support! As I look back now, many lessons were indirect, but these golden rule lessons definitely stayed with me over those years. Growing up on a farm, I had a definite work ethic demonstrated to me at an early age, and I also developed a very healthy respect for nature and the community. As a professional, hard work and integrity have definitely stayed with me.

Can you recall a particularly memorable volunteer experience?

I really find a great deal of gratification from working

with youth. In addition to the APEGGA Outreach Program, I also volunteer my time to the local Scouting organization. I work with Beavers, aged from five to seven years.

The most memorable thing that I can think of would be when I was approached by one of my former Beavers. It had been about two years since I had seen this former Beaver, and he addressed me by name and gave me a huge hug. He went on to tell me how much he enjoyed the time he spent with his peers and the fun he had learning about the outdoors (and the science activities) that were part of the program. It really caught me by surprise.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I think that if I had the opportunity, I would like to travel to the Ukraine. From the personal side, it would provide a chance to source some of my roots and cultural heritage. From the professional side, I would be very interested in researching the geology, resources and industry of some of the new “provinces” from the former U.S.S.R. My second choice would be to visit Australia, to experience life down-under.

What made you decide to become an engineer?

I have always had an interest in science but did not have much exposure to engineering prior to university. After researching a little, engineering sounded like a good direction for a career, but I was still uncertain when I registered.

The first year was a struggle, but I totally enjoyed the engineering path. My geological discipline decision was simply made knowing that I had a personal interest in nature, the outdoors, and especially geology.

I have never regretted the decision, as my career has always been interesting, challenging and rewarding.

What high-tech product could you not live without and why?

As sorry as it sounds, I have to say that I would have a difficult time surviving without my cell phone and Palm Pilot. Even though it took me a few years to catch on, now I really use both to optimize my time more effectively at work and at home.

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