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Another Geo Year Winds Down


Editor's Note: This will be the last column for Nils Peterson, who is graduating this year and heading to UBC to pursue a master's degree in geology. The next vice-president for the geology society will continue the geoscience student column in September.

Since I have been focusing on student projects over the last few months, as the school year winds down it's time to recap the school year and what we geoscience students have been doing, mostly through the P.S. Warren Geological Society.

Trad Cup

Trad Cup

Top, The Calgary and Edmonton teams pose after a hard Trad Cup game. Note the scoreboard.


On March 12 the Rundle Group from Calgary and P.S. Warren met for a traditional Battle of Alberta: the Trad Cup. This keg-turned-trophy has been awarded to the best geology hockey team in Alberta for over a decade.

While the contest didn't happen last year due to communication problems, the spirit of competition (and the lack of NHL hockey) made the Trad Cup a priority this year. Ice time in Calgary didn't work out, so at the last minute the rec centre in Red Deer was booked and the game was on.

Sixteen players from Edmonton made the cut and left town with as many fans as the bus would hold. The P.S. Warren team met 10 players from Calgary's Rundle Group.

The fans were enthusiastic, cheering for Calgary, Edmonton and the Zamboni driver in equal measure.

The game was closely matched, but in the end P.S. Warren scored a decisive 9-5 victory.

Food and drinks at Boston Pizza ended the evening.


A couple enthusiastic fans celebrate Edmonton's victory.

Once again the Trad Cup will spend a year in Edmonton, waiting for the Rundle Group to put together a championship team. Maybe next year, Calgary.


Thirty-two students went to the Western Inter-University Geology Conference in Saskatoon this year, which made us the largest visiting group. While we had 10 fewer students than last year, Vancouver's climate can be credited for last year's high turnout. See related story, this page.

Christmas Party

The EAS Christmas party was one of the best in memory. A huge turnout of undergrads, graduates and faculty enjoyed the food, drink and entertainment. The music was especially good: a faculty member's excellent family folk group was followed by an undergraduate band calling themselves Captain Crack and the Continental Drift.

An entertaining slide show and a visit by a slightly undernourished Santa Claus were highlights as well.


P.S. Warren ran two successful mixers this year, one in September and one in January. Both were held at bars on campus, and both drew many geology students, swapping stories about their summer jobs and Christmas holidays.


While traditionally an event for engineers, the addition of the “G” in National Engineering & Geoscience Week meant that we wanted to get involved. There were a couple of geoscience participants in the poster display and the NEGW banquet, but we hope to get more involved next year, just to show those engineers that we do exist.

More Sports

P.S. Warren sports teams had a high turnout this year and were very competitive. In particular, the men's and women's hockey teams found success, which probably contributed to the victory in Trad Cup.

Geology has also produced two full teams for the red-eye overnight sports event, which will be the night before the graduating students' banquet — guaranteeing some amusement on grad night.

Science Sunday

University of Alberta Museums runs an educational event one day every year

for visiting kids and their families. In addition to providing many volunteers for the event itself, our society ran a concession, providing coffee for weary parents and treats for kids who probably didn't need the extra energy.

The event had a huge turnout, and we're looking forward to next year's Science Sunday.


P.S. Warren is in the process of preparing a day for undergraduate talks, allowing undergraduates to cut their teeth on presenting for other undergrads before going out into the wide world where presentation skills are required. The society's common room has also been a great resource for students this year — an emphasis on academics has resulted in constant use of the room by society members, either to study or to play a game of cards after a hard exam.

And More

In addition to these major events, we have also redone the society's constitution, website and common room, making this year a banner one for P.S. Warren. At the moment we are choosing the executive for next year, who will, we all hope, continue raising the bar for the society.


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