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A Fun Day of Geoscience Entertains Mall Visitors

The public reacted enthusiastically to all the displays at Geology and Geophysics in the Mall, March 5 at Market Mall. Displays included a rocks and minerals table, a meteorite table, a paleontology table, and a geophysics table.

Lots of kids were most eager to get their hands on the displays — and luckily enough all the tables were the hands-on type. Like every year, the paleontology table was the most popular, because it had the youths digging for fossils.

Mall Rocks

Mall Rocks
Three interested younsters check out a Geology and Geophysics in the Mall display, March 5 in Calgary.

Also on display were a geological time scale and pictures of the creatures from various geological times. The ground penetrating radar device was pushed around the area and raised a lot of curiosity from shoppers more accustomed to seeing shopping carts.

The many volunteers from our department included graduate students, undergraduate students, professors and support staff. The attraction stayed so busy that volunteers had no time to spare.

Trad Cup Disappointment

In other news the annual Trad Cup hockey game March 12 had us on the losing side. This traditional hockey game is held between the University of Alberta geology hockey team and the University of Calgary geology team, the Rock Stars. It was held in Red Deer and lots of fans came out to cheer for their respective teams.

The U of A won the game 9-6. It turned out to be quite a long match. We hope the Rock Stars will have better luck next year.


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