May 2006 ISSUE


Mail-In Ballot Will Decide Fate of ASET Draft



Four elected APEGGA representatives finished their terms, last month. From top to bottom, receiving gifts from outgoing President Larry Staples, P.Eng., are Past President Linda Van Gastel, P.Eng., Coun. Kim Farwell, P.Eng., Coun. Barb Howes, P.Eng., and Coun. Darcie Greggs, P.Geol.

The following news items were gathered from the April 20 APEGGA Council meeting in Edmonton. The next meeting — the first one of the newly elected Council — will be held Thursday, June 22, in Calgary.

APEGGA hopes to negotiate a new relationship with ASET and forward an enhanced regulatory framework to the province for approval — one that builds on the engineering teams that already exist in the workplace. Any draft agreement with ASET that Council approves, however, will go to a mail ballot of members before being finalized.

Council passed the mail-ballot motion after hearing that the Alberta Government so far sees merit in the One Act, Two Associations regulatory model APEGGA has proposed. In March APEGGA presented the idea to the Standing Policy Committee on Education and Employment.

Under the plan, ASET and APEGGA would work together to jointly regulate technologists who practice independently, such as registered professional technologists. The new relationship would be regulated under the existing Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act.

ASET made an earlier presentation to the standing policy committee. That scheme would give ASET an independent regulatory role and allow some technologists without APEGGA membership to work unsupervised.

The APEGGA proposal, on the other hand, provides for seamless protection of the public interest, and consistent practice standards and regulatory functions, while building on cooperation within existing workplace teams.

The Hon. Mike Cardinal, Alberta Minister of Human Resources and Employment, has suggested that APEGGA and ASET meet to discuss the merits of the APEGGA proposal with a view to seeking one that’s mutually acceptable. He has offered to appoint a mediator — which APEGGA has formally requested — and has called on the groups to report back within three months.

Election Results
John McLeod, P.Eng., is APEGGA’s new President-Elect, and Dr. Ken Porteous, P.Eng., returns as Vice-President, Council learned in the announcement of election results. The next day members approved the results at the Annual General Meeting.

Chrys. Dmytruk, P.Eng., was re-elected to Council. New councillors are John Hogg, P.Geol., Jim Smith, P.Eng., and Dick Walters, P.Eng.

The Ballot Counting Committee reported that 15.4 per cent of eligible voters, or 5,003 professional members, cast valid ballots.

The committee deemed 23 ballots invalid for a number of reasons, including more than one ballot in the return enve-lope and more votes cast than permitted.

Governance Manual Presented
How exactly do you go about being an APEGGA councillor? What are your roles and responsibilities? What are the gover-ning principles and practices of Council?

All that and more are spelled out in the Council Governance Manual, which came before Council in its most recent version.

In about 40 pages, the manual covers everything from relevant legislation and committee responsibilities to staff relationship policies and the Carver governance model.

To read the full manual online, visit www.apegga.org.

Year Reviewed for Council
Executive Director & Registrar Neil Windsor, P.Eng., gave the outgoing Council a look at the year that was. His PowerPoint presentation gave an overview of all areas of APEGGA’s 2005 operations.

upplementary documents matched APEGGA Business Plan goals and strategies to measurables.
For a look at the published Annual Report 2005, Charting the Course, visit www.apegga.org /Members/Publications/annualreports.html.

Public Members Approved
Three new sets of public eyes and ears, and two familiar ones, are coming to the APEGGA table. Council heard that the Hon. Mike Cardinal, Alberta Minister of Human Resources and Employment, has approved two Council public member appointments, and one each for the Board of Examiners, the Practice Review Board and the Discipline Committee.

Dr. Larry Ohlhauser, MD, is reappointed to a second term on Council. Also appointed and joining existing member Bill Grace, FCA, is Gary Campbell, QC.

Ron Weisenburger joins the Board of Examiners and Dr. Hakan Gnarpe the Practice Review Board. Reappointed to the Discipline Committee is Dr. Reg Pridham.

Nominating Committee Approved
Council and the Annual General Meeting have approved new appointments to the Nominating Committee, whose job it is to make sure a full list of candidates is put before members in each year’s election. The Association, Council heard, strives for diversity on the committee.

New appointees are

  • Joe Aiello, P.Eng., Norwest Corp., Calgary

  • Bill Almdal, P.Eng., Athabasca Regional Issues Working Group, Edmonton

  • Daniel Bagheri-Zadeh, P.Eng., Stantec, Edmonton

  • Dave Bardwell, P.Geol., retired, Calgary

  • Dan Burns, P.Eng., Fluor Canada, Calgary

  • Mike Berezowski, P.Eng., AMEC Earth & Environmental, Calgary

  • Neil Camarta, P.Eng., Petro-Canada, Calgary

  • Ralph Garrett, P.Eng., Alberta High Speed Rail, Calgary

  • Darcie Greggs, P.Geol., Hillspring Consulting, Calgary

  • Suresh Gurjar, P.Eng., Thurber Engineering, Edmonton

  • Barbara Howes, P.Eng., Barbara Howes Petroleum Consulting, Calgary

  • Dr. Don Lawton, P.Geoph., University of Calgary, Calgary

  • Nick Malychuk, P.Eng., retired, Calgary

  • Don McLeod, P.Eng., SNC-Lavalin, Fort Saskatchewan

  • James Mmbando, P.Eng., Black Velvet Distilling, Lethbridge

  • Carol Moen, P.Eng., Dow Chemicals, Edmonton

  • John Read, P.Eng., Colt Engineering, Calgary

  • David Rumbold, P.Eng., Spartan Controls, Edmonton

  • John Shaddick, P.Eng., IMV Projects, Calgary

  • Brenda Wright, P.Geol., Syncrude Canada, Fort McMurray.

The 10 returning members are

  • Paul Cavanagh, P.Eng., AMEC Earth & Environmental, Calgary

  • Trent Cherry, P.Eng., Husky Operations, Lloydminster

  • Roly Ferris, P.Eng., Retired, Edmonton

  • Lisa Hall, P.Eng., Weyerhaeuser Canada, Grande Prairie

  • Shawn Morrison, P.Eng., Calgary

  • Rick Prentice, P.Eng., Stantec, Edmonton

  • Andrew Poole, P.Eng., Alberta Transportation,  Red Deer

  • Gordon Stewart, P.Eng., consultant, Edmonton

  • John Van der Put, P.Eng., TransCanada International, Calgary

  • John Wood, P.Eng., AREVA T&D Canada, Calgary.

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