Permit to Practice Seminar Changes


The Permit to Practice Seminar is a mandatory seminar for all Responsible Members named on an APEGGA permit.

Since the program started in September of 2003, more than 3,400 Responsible Members — plus numerous others, among them chief operating officers, members-in-training and general members — have attended the seminar entitled Permit to Practice — The Corporate Licence, Legal Obligations and Professional Responsibilities. Further, more than 50 responsible members have elected to “attend” the seminar electronically by requesting a CD-ROM copy of the narrated presentation.

The main focus of these seminars has been to restate the responsibilities of a Responsible Member with respect to the APEGGA permit and to introduce the Professional Practice Management Plan. Now that most permit holders have their practice management plans in place, the time has come to address another topic of interest — Risk Management in Professional Practice.

The need to address this topic arose from the work of the Insurance Review Task Force, which decided that educating our members about risk management would be beneficial.

In addition to discussing the obligations and responsibilities of the permit, the new seminar talks about legal risks, contracts, errors and omissions liability insurance, industrial safety and loss management, and environmental risk. The seminar is not intended to be an exhaustive study of these topics, but rather a primer to help members understand what risks are faced specific to their professional practices and to provide some ways of managing that risk.

Seminars are held in the APEGGA conference centres in Edmonton and Calgary in an extended lunch-hour format (registration and lunch at 11:30 a.m. , the seminar itself running from 12 to 2 p.m. ). Attendance is free to all who are interested, but since seating is limited, preference will be given to Responsible Members. Register online at www.apegga.org.

For those still interested in the Professional Practice Management Plan as a topic, the seminar will remain available on CD-ROM.

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Director of Corporate and Member Affairs
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