computers for schools makes gates news release


Industry Canada 's Computers for Schools, one of the largest PC refurbishers in the world, will be among the first groups to take advantage of expansions to the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program, which Bill Gates announced recently.

A Microsoft Corp. news release makes special mention of the Canadian not-for-profit group.

“We’re proud of our association with Microsoft, and honoured to be complimented in such a public way by the company,” said Ross Plecash, P.Eng., chair of Alberta Computers for Schools. Mr. Plecash is also Director of Corporate and Member Affairs for APEGGA.

Over the past 12 years, CFS has delivered almost 600,000 refurbished computers to schools, libraries and non-profit organizations across Canada . Since 1993, CFS has benefited from a collaborative relationship with Microsoft, which has included the donation of Windows operating systems for installation on computers it refurbished.

“Although the cost of hardware has come down considerably, the same can’t be said for software. It’s still expensive. So our arrangement with Microsoft makes it very beneficial for the schools we give our computers to, because they can use that money elsewhere,” said Mr. Plecash.

Becoming part of the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program will further develop CFS’s relationship with Microsoft. The MAR initiative is now going worldwide in providing software collaborations.

“This expanded initiative will assist in ongoing efforts to bring the benefits of technology to youth, helping them prepare for the 21st century work force,” Microsoft announced during a two-day summit in Washington , D.C.