September 2006 ISSUE

Discussions Making Progress


COLD LAKE ASSIGNMENT - APEGGA President David Chalcroft, P.Eng., performs official member induction ceremonies for Capt. Jonathan Knaul, P.Eng., at the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment in Cold Lake. Mr. Chalcroft and APEGGA Executive Director & Registrar Neil Windsor, P.Eng., took the ceremonies on the road to the test organization at CFB Cold Lake on June 7.

Background: Earlier this year there was a spirited exchange between ASET and APEGGA about how engineering and technology should be regulated in Alberta. Both associations made presentations to the provincial government’s Standing Policy Committee on Education and Employment.
 After considering the presentations, the Minister of Human Resources and Employment, Hon. Mike Cardinal, instructed ASET and APEGGA to discuss the ‘one Act, two Associations’ regulatory model and to return to the government with a solution which serves the interests of all Albertans. Minister Cardinal requested that this be done as quickly as possible and appointed an experienced mediator, David Jones, Q.C., to facilitate the discussions.

Talks are underway: The discussion teams first met in early May (see below for a list of team members). Step one was to create a set of ground rules that would lead to frank discussions as well as thoughtful compromise by both parties to resolve roadblocks. It was also agreed that ASET and APEGGA would maintain effective communication with their respective Councils and memberships.
Team members concluded that if positive change is to occur, the discussion teams themselves must first agree, then the Councils must agree and finally the memberships must agree. Joint progress reports, such as this one, will be prepared by the discussion teams. The Councils and members of both ASET and APEGGA will therefore read exactly the same words at every step along the way.
A second meeting was held in late June and a third in late August. As outlined in the joint communiqué below, the discussions covered a wide spectrum of topics, some of which led to what can, in diplomatic terms, be described as a ‘full and frank exchange’. The good news is that the discussion teams were able to see common ground and reach consensus at a conceptual level.

Progress being made: The discussion teams are fully aware that, as in most complex issues, the devil is in the details. Keeping this in mind, it was agreed that the mediated discussions between ASET and APEGGA must proceed, one step at a time. The path to progress is to first agree on the ‘big picture’ directions, followed by progressively more and more detail as required. The basic principles and directions set in place by the two organizations, which are both firmly committed to achieving a mutually acceptable conclusion, will guide the decisions and compromises as necessary. 

Minister Cardinal has been advised of the progress to date. The ASET and APEGGA Councils have both been briefed on the interim report from the discussion teams and both have agreed to circulate this report to members.

Member input wanted: The next meetings of the discussion teams are scheduled for September. Progress reports to members will follow shortly after each meeting.

In the meantime, we ask that you review the attached communiqué, consider it and then provide your comments to either ASET or APEGGA. Please remember that at this point in the discussions these are high-level, general principles. There remain many unanswered questions and perhaps more questions than answers. Please indicate whether you believe the general concepts as outlined below are sound and whether or not the two discussion teams are heading in the right direction.

You are invited to provide feedback by sending an email to: asetadmin@aset.ab.ca or e-pegg@apegga.org or on-line at: www.aset.ab.ca or www.apegga.org

Please provide your feedback to ASET or APEGGA by September 15, 2006. This information will be separately compiled by each association and provided to its discussion team prior to the next meeting.

Communiqué to ASET and APEGGA members #1
August 28, 2006

During mediated discussions between the two discussion teams on June 26, 2006 and on August 22, 2006, consensus was reached on the following basic principles:

1. The professions will be regulated under a one Act, two Associations model.
2. (a)   Certified technologists practicing under supervision will be regulated by ASET.
    (b)  Engineers and geoscientists practicing independently will be regulated by APEGGA.
    (c)  Technologists practicing independently will be regulated jointly by ASET and APEGGA.
3. All practitioners under the Act will adhere to a common standard of professionalism.

The next meeting of the group is scheduled for September 26, 2006.

Discussion team members:

  • ASET
    President Derek Tsang, A.Sc.T., Past President Scott Turner, R.E.T., CCEP, Executive Director Tim Schultz, M.S.A., B.Comm.

    President Dave Chalcroft, P.Eng., Past-President Larry Staples, P.Eng., Executive Director and Registrar Neil Windsor, P.Eng.

  • Mediator
    David Jones, Q.C.