November 2007 Issue

Learning from Home


“Live, learn and prosper!” This is not the Vulcan greeting but it could well be the instruction that leads to success for any enterprising individual.

Here are five tips for managing learning from manuals or modules.

Be organized
Look through your materials and find ways to break the learning into small, defined pieces. Set deadlines for yourself and schedule in the learning as a regular commitment. Use a calendar or organizer to plan specific learning times and activities.

Find a learning space
You may have to close a door, turn off the stereo and television or not answer the phone. The library may be necessary.

Read to learn
Find ways to help you organize and summarize the information. Keep yourself focused when reading by looking
for main ideas and taking notes.

Find support for learning
If taking a formal course, perhaps tutoring is available to you.

Follow through
Consider other ways to manage your time and roles. You may have to negotiate with your employer, family or friend to help you make time for learning.

For more tips on career, learning and employment topics, visit the Alberta Learning Information Service website at www.alis.gov.ab.ca and click on the ALIS Tip Sheets. The ALIS site is provided through a partnership of Alberta Human Resources and Employment, Alberta Education and Alberta Advanced Education.