Mr. Chuck Brawner, P.Eng.

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Mr. Chuck Brawner, P.Eng.



The resume of Mr. Chuck Brawner, P.Eng., is among the most impressive in the geotechnical profession.  His career, which is still active, spans over 50 years, from his 10 years work with B.C. Highways to starting and growing Golder, Brawner and Associates (now Golder Associates, a large international consulting firm), to his 16 years of teaching at the University of British Columbia and, most recently, as a specialist consulting engineer.

Mr. Brawner has served with distinction on numerous technical committees and engineering review boards, received over 20 prestigious awards, written over 100 technical papers, edited several landmark textbooks and lectured around the world.  He has worked on hundreds of major civil and mining geotechnical projects and has taught and influenced several generations of geotechnical and mining engineers. He served on the Syncrude Geotechnical Review Board for 31 years, retiring in 2003 after helping to oversee more than 25 years of safe dragline mining. His most recent book, Engineer…Around the World in Fifty Years, is another significant accomplishment.

In addition to his solid technical and academic background, Mr. Brawner brings a wealth of experience to his projects. Described as an engineer’s engineer, Mr. Brawner counsels the need for excellence in geological investigation for all major projects, the importance of ground truthing and of ensuring the geological information is collected practically and reliably.  His support for the geological and geophysical professions often raises the stature of these professionals at the mines and allows them to contribute to the bottom line of the company and help provide for the safety of the public and workers at the same time.

Mr. Brawner is equally at home talking to mine superintendents, mining company presidents, drillers, junior engineers, other consulting engineers and students.  He is often parachuted into technically and operationally heated events, such as major landslides, dam failures or failed mining efforts, and can be relied upon to bring common sense, technical expertise and fairness to every situation, quickly winning the trust of those with whom he is involved.  

Honours, Awards and Distinctions

  • R.F. Legget Award, Canadian Geotechnical Society (1999)

  • McParland Memorial Medal, Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (1997)

  • Distinguished Citizen Award for Engineering Excellence, City of North Vancouver (1991)

  • Distinguished Cross Canada Lecturer, Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (1988)

  • D.C. Jackling Award, American Society of Mining Engineers (1985)

  • Distinguished Member, American Society of Mining Engineers (1982)

  • Walter Gage Teaching Award, UBC (1981)

  • Meritorious Achievement Award, APEGBC (1978)

  • Award of Merit, Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada (1973)

  • President’s Medal, Canadian Good Roads Association (1967)

Professional Affiliations and Activities

  • Fellow, Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (1999)

  • Fellow, Engineering Institute of Canada (1997)

  • Fellow, The Canadian Academy of Engineers (1995)

  • Member, American Institute of Mining Engineers (1976-present)

  • Member, APEGGA (1972-present)

  • Member, International Society of Rock Mechanics (1965-present)

  • Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (1964-present)

  • Member, APEGBC (1953-present)

  • Member, Canadian Geotechnical Society (1953-present)

This award is named for Mr. Frank Spragins, P.Eng., APEGGA President, 1975. Mr. Spragins was a driving force behind the Syncrude heavy oil sands project which is recognized as the largest industrial project ever to be undertaken in Canada. His personal qualities of vigour, imagination, courage and endurance, as well as his negotiating skills, were critical to its success.