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A Career Planning Guide in Engineering

As technology and science have advanced over the centuries, so have the branches of engineering. Now there are dozens of specialty areas in engineering - something for every interest. Some engineers search for new sources of energy, some design artificial limbs, while others work to protect our environment. Engineers design everything from toys to sophisticated medical diagnostic equipment. New specialty areas are emerging every day to meet the specific demands of industry.

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This booklet is for those of you who are inquisitive, creative, analytical and enjoy increasing your understanding of the earth and its physical properties. If you are this type of person and want to apply your education to solving real problems, then we invite you to consider pursuing a career in Geophysics. To access this publication, check under "Education" at www.cseg.ca

Explore Careers in Geoscience

The Canadian Geoscience Council invites you to consider Careers in Geoscience. This booklet will give high school and first-year university students an opportunity to find out about the many careers open in the geo (earth) sciences. Your counsellor or science instructor will provide you with more detailed information on how to pursue this career path.

Over the course of the last two years this booklet 'Explore Careers in Geoscience' has been prepared for the World Wide Web and is now available: www.science.uwaterloo.ca/earth/geoscience/careers.html

Careers in Engineering, Geology and Geophysics - The Facts

This brochure is available in PDF format. To view the file you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, available free from Adobe.

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