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Immediate Past President Dennis Lindberg, P.Eng.
Passes Away at Age 61/ 1

Dennis A. Lindberg, P.Eng., who in April completed his term as President of APEGGA, died July 23 in Edmonton.

Diamonds in the North -
"Ice" Beneath Ice

The Ekati Diamond Mine, Canada's first diamond mine is about to begin production in the Northwest Territories

President's Notebook / 3

President Dan Motyka, P.Eng., reflects on the death of his predecessor,
Dennis Lindberg, P.Eng.



En Garde / 3

Based on a recent case, APEGGA's Investigative Committee discusses what to keep in mind in connection with non-competition agreements.


Letters / 4

A recent article on Canadian Forces Station Alert has prompted reader comments.


Understanding Registration / 5

The PEGG begins a series outlining the process by which individuals and corporations become registered with APEGGA.

LEGO Attraction / 6

An APEGGA-sponsored LEGO exhibit and related contests proved to be popular attractions at the Alberta Provincial Museum this summer.


Wood Truss Training / 6

The Western Wood Truss Association of Alberta has developed a training program for carpenters engaged in erecting wood trusses.


With APEGGA 30 Years / 6

Cathy Armstrong recently was feted for her 30 years as an APEGGA employee.


APEGGA Ads & PEGG Recognized / 6


Forces Ready To Battle Y2K / 7

The Canadian Forces has mobilized to deal with the millennium bug.


Manning Awards / 8

The Ernest C. Manning Awards continue to celebrate Canadian innovation. APEGGA members play an important part in assessing candidates for the awards and have also been in the winners' circle.


Discover E Camps / 8

The University of Alberta's Discover E Camps had another successful summer.


New Math Curriculum / 9

APEGGA advised Alberta Education on the new high school mathematics curriculum being introduced this fall.


APEGGA Outreach Volunteers / 9

Student Outreach Volunteers recently were thanked for their efforts.


Cool Teachers / 9

Fourteen school teachers have received APEGGA recognition for their efforts in stimulating student interest in science and math.

Edmonton APEGGA
Women's Club Executive / 10

Enforcement Review / 10

Darcie H. Greggs, P.Geol., Enforcement Review Committee chair, begins a series about the Committee's activities and purpose.


Canadians Conduct
Sino Survey / 12

The People's Republic of China is a major source of immigrant engineers coming to Canada.

APEGGA Deputy Registrar Al Schuld, P.Eng., was part of a Canadian delegation which toured China to survey and assess engineering education and qualifications.

Press on Presses On
With Innovation / 12

Technology for natural gas plants to control emissions, developed by Presson Manufacturing, offers an example of Alberta innovation.


Suzanne Kresta Has Learned To Teach
By Example / 13

The University of Alberta's Suzanne Kresta, P.Eng., PhD, recipient of APEGGA's Early Accomplishment Award, has built an impressive reputation as a researcher and teacher. The article is the first in a series on 1998 Summit Award winners.


In the News / 14

A number of APEGGA members have received awards and made career moves over the summer.


Technical Societies
Listing / 16-17

The PEGG is pleased to publish its annual listing of close to 70 affiliated technical societies and key contacts within these organizations.


Professional Development / 18

APEGGA Continuing Professional Development Program Co-ordinator Christine Smith explains aspects of the PD program as it relates to university students, Members-in-Training and Professional Members.

Careers / 19

Registration / 20-21

Events /22

Pegg These Dates / 23


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