reinstatement of former members

Professional members formerly registered with APEGGA who wish to practice again in Alberta may apply to the Association to have their registrations reinstated.

More Than 7-Year Absence

Individuals whose professional membership has lapsed for more than seven years are referred to the Board of Examiners for review. Please contact Registration.

Less Than 7-Year Absence

If it has been less than 7 years since your registration as a professional member (not a member-in-training) ceased for any of the following reasons, please complete the Application for Reinstatement of Registration and submit it to the Practice Review Board:

  • voluntary resignation

  • cancellation for non-payment of dues

The Practice Review Board will review your application and determine whether or not you would need to meet any conditions prior to reinstatement.

  • In general, individuals are automatically approved for reinstatement if their lapse in membership is less than two years or if they are licensed in good standing in another province.

  • Individuals whose lapse in membership is greater than two years are required to include a current resume and references for the Practice Review Board to confirm their experience and education during this period of lapse.

Upon completion of the Practice Review Board’s evaluation, there may be other administrative requirements that APEGGA's Registration Department has before the reinstatement is finalized.

Cancellation For Non-Compliance With The CPD Program

If your registration was cancelled because of failure to comply with the Continuing Professional Development program, complete the following and submit them to the Practice Review Board:

If you are unable to provide the Detailed Activity Records, you may alternatively submit a Written Undertaking stating that you will comply with the CPD program henceforth.