What is APEGGA?

Since 1920 there has been an organization ensuring that high standards of practice in engineering, geological and geophysical services exist in Alberta. This organization is The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA), a self-governing volunteer body of professionals.

In addition to serving the public interest, the engineering and geoscience professions have, to a large extent, been responsible for the economic growth of our province and the enhanced quality of life enjoyed by Albertans.

Under the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions (EGGP) Act, an Alberta government statute, APEGGA ensures only properly qualified engineers, geologists and geophysicists are allowed to practice, and that they do so according to professional standards and a Code of Ethics. By licensing companies providing these services in Alberta, APEGGA also ensures similar high standards of corporate practice. The Association has the power and an obligation to withdraw the right to practice from members found guilty of unskilled practice or unethical conduct.

The people behind the organization

Association affairs are directed by an elected Council of 16 professional members and three public representatives appointed by the government. Five hundred member volunteers, working on committees and boards, and more than 40 permanent staff support the organization. As the administrator of the EGGP Act, the Association is accountable to the Government of Alberta through the Minister of Public Works, Supply and Services.

A network that spans the province

Incorporated in 1920, the Association has a head office in Edmonton and an administrative office in Calgary. Nine branches are active in major centres throughout Alberta.

There are more than 30,000 practitioners licensed to work in Alberta. They are involved in industries as diverse as resource development, transportation, forestry, construction, telecommunications, and water and wastewater treatment. Their professional expertise is valued on government boards and commissions dealing with issues such as public safety, environmental concerns and the provincial economy.

The Association also maintains a national voice on broader issues affecting the professions through its involvement with the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers.

Serving the public interest

It is a responsibility and a privilege not taken lightly by the Association and its members. Technical competence, ethical conduct, integrity and the ability to place the benefits to society above personal gain are the hallmarks of professionalism.

The commitment of its members to professional practice is the key to APEGGA's success. The public interest is best served when engineers, geologists and geophysicists adopt excellence as a fundamental goal and govern themselves according to the practice standards and codes of conduct outlined by their professional association.

Strength in membership

APEGGA's strength is in its membership. In adhering to this philosophy, services are designed to enhance professional development. Meetings, workshops, achievement awards and other programs are provided for this purpose. The Association newspaper, The PEGG, and other publications, inform and challenge members on matters concerning engineers and geoscientists.

The Association is also recognized by teachers and students as one of the most supportive professional organizations in the province. An ongoing relationship with Alberta universities, industry and government helps to ensure the value of science and technology, and the impact of engineering, geology and geophysics on the lives of Albertans, is understood and appreciated.

Post-secondary students are formally introduced to their future profession by APEGGA, while information on career opportunities in science and technology is readily available to young people at the junior high and senior high school levels. At the elementary school level, the Association motivates and excites students about science and math (check out the Mega Page) through in-class demonstrations and discussions. APEGGA also sponsors Science Olympics competitions and math contests, participates in regional science fairs, and provides nearly $75,000 annually in educational awards and scholarships.

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