Branch Executive

David Miller, P.Eng., Chair
Ron Chow, P.Eng.
Arun Mishra, P.Eng., PhD
Don Perry, P.Eng.
Mark Brotherton, P.Eng.
Rick Granberg, P.Eng.

Central Alberta Branch

David Miller, P.Eng., Chair

The Central Alberta Branch, over the past year, has carried out numerous activities to promote and enhance the engineering and geoscience professions in our communities. These activities include running dinner seminars, making academic presentations to Red Deer College students, career counselling, and hosting social events.

Dinner meetings, in the past, have covered a wide range of topics and this tradition has been continued this past year. One of the most successful dinner meetings was held in the fall and discussed "How To Handle Stress". This meeting had over 40 highly stressed participants who learned how to handle and cope with the stresses common in today's workplace.

One of the most critical roles for our branch executive is career counselling. Career counselling is as diverse as the engineering and geoscience professions. Presentations have included such things as doing science experiments in elementary classes, judging design projects at Red Deer College, and presenting a teacher award to Kent Lorenz, the Central Alberta winner of APEGGA's "School Is Cool" contest.

I would like to thank all of the members of APEGGA in Central Alberta who have dedicated a portion of their time over the past year to make all of these events a success.

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