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Jr. Geologist

Electrical Design Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer

Assists in the accumulation and analysis of geological data, conducts geological surveys and keeps up-to-date on current activities in the industry.

Performs assigned duties associated with electrical layout design of projects. These projects include complete substation and diesel station layouts, proposals for the same and modifications to those stations. Will use a variety of standard engineering methods and techniques and will assume responsibility for moderately complex layouts.

Performs a variety of engineering tasks including the development of plant layouts, work methods and manufacturing processes; designing tools; selecting, procuring and installing machines, tools and material-handling equipment; and establishing standard time values for production and non-production operations.

- Maintains subsurface information on a current basis and suggests lease purchases and geophysical programs to the immediate supervisor;

- Makes field studies as assigned and prepares both surface and subsurface maps;

- Performs microscopic examinations of samples and cores of wells for stratigraphic and reservoir studies;

- Assists with the accumulation and the analysis of geological data for an exploratory and/or development drilling program;

- Assists the immediate supervisor to keep informed of current activities in industry that might affect company performance.

The electrical engineering work includes:

- preparing preliminary, and detailed electrical layout, other than that performed by Protection and Control, based on Assignment Sheets and one line diagrams supplied by client;

- liasing with Civil Engineering Section to achieve compatibility of respective proposals;

- writing specifications, usually for installation work;

- checking information provided by contractors who are bidding on contracts to ensure adequacy of proposals and recommending contract awards based on that information, past experience with the contractor, capability (equipment, etc.) and price;

- investigating complaints regarding design received from the field during construction and from operating staff following construction, and making design changes if justified;

- making design calculations as required, applying standardized details and devising non-standard details as necessary;

- reviewing manufacturers' drawings on request by the Equipment and Materials Branch.

Under general direction, makes independent studies, analyes, interpretations and conclusions in one or a combination of the following assignments:

- Process Engineering - determines tools, equipment and dies required for shaping, finishing and assembling an assigned product, thus planning the sequence of operations;

- Machine and Tool Design - designs and develops machinery, machine tools, gauges, dies, jigs, fixtures and special tools required as most suitable to the prescribed volume of production, materials and surfaces;

- Gauge design - develops special gauges and instruments and applies statistical methods in order to attain precision specified;

- Plant or Layout Engineering - arranges machines, lays out plant facilities and set-ups to ensure the most efficient and productive layout. Designs material-handling methods. Develops, designs and recommends long- and short-term plans for maintenance, repair and expansion of buildings, equipment and facilities including power plant and utilities;

- Time and Motion Studies - makes studies to determine standard rates and eliminate waste of time, labour and materials;

- Quality Control - develops, recommends and administers quality control techniques. Utilizes industrial statistics for the presentation and analysis of quality control and other manufacturing data. Prepares cost estimates, makes studies of feasibility and provides information, advice and engineering assistance within the scope of assigned work.

Recommendations limited to the solution of immediate problems relating to a phase of a project. Decisions relate to the selection of data and the application of techniques. Such judgments are normally made by following established guidelines and practice. Refers unusual problems to a more senior geologist.

Recommendations will include complete solutions within the scope of the job. Unusual problems and techniques of a novel nature will normally be referred to a senior engineer.

Recommendations and decisions are usually based on operational experience. Work is relied upon as sound and authoritative within the scope of an assignment. Difficult, complex or unusual decisions are usually referred to higher authority. Errors of judgement could cause serious loss of man-ufacturing time and material.

Work is assigned in detail and the incumbent works under close supervision. Work is normally checked for accuracy and completeness.

Projects are assigned and work will be reviewed in detail by more senior engineers.

Work is not generally supervised in detail and the amount of supervision varies depending upon the assignment. More senior supervision is usually available to review work programs and give guidance.

May check the work of one or two more junior geologists and assist them with the application of standard techniques and the interpretation of data.

Checks the work of one or two junior engineers and technicians.

May guide the work of several more junior engineers or technicians when they are employed on the same projects.

Appropriate B.Sc. degree, normally with two years of relevant experience since graduation.

Bachelor's degree in Applied Science or its equivalent, normally with three years working experience since graduation.

Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Applied Science or its equivalent, normally with three to five years of related working experience since graduation.

A 40

B 65

C 40

D 50

E 30

F 10

G 0

H 10

I 5

J 5

K 5

A 40

B 65

C 45

D 55

E 40

F 10

G 1

H 10

I 0

J 0

K 0

A 55

B 65

C 50

D 60

E 40

F 15

G 5

H 10

I 3

J 0

K 3