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Senior (Petroleum) Geologist

Design Engineer


Conducts special geological studies and prepares recommendations for lease acquisitions. Conducts geophysical investigations and exploratory well drillings in areas that have been approved for a geological program. Carries out necessary geological work for the development of proven and semi-proven leases.

In a specialized field of experience within a branch of engineering (e.g. civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.) develops designs for complicated components of engineering works, structures, installations, processes. Develops plans for the modification of extension of existing facilities.


- Prepares and reviews with the District Geologist, recommendations for lease acquisitions, geophysical investigations, exploratory well drillings and other special geological studies;

- Assists in making economic analyses pertaining to exploration projects, exploratory well proposals, farm-ins and farm-outs, drilling contributions, rental payments and the purchase and sale of oil and gas leases as well as other financial interests;

- Reviews proposals for the abandonment of wells and/or dropping of leases and makes recommendations for company action to the District Geologist;

- Collaborates with other company exploration personnel including landmen, geophysicists and engineers in matters of mutual interest;

- Maintains contacts with external geological personnel, associations and others.

- Makes independent studies, analyses, interpretations and conclusions within the scope of various assigned projects;

- May design structural frames in steel reinforced concrete, timber; make layouts and designs of municipal services, industrial buildings, mining plants;

- May design mechanical or electrical services of buildings; materials handling installations; power installations; industrial drives;

- May be concerned with the design of communications circuitry or power generation and/or transmission, including repeater stations or transformer substations;

- May be concerned with the design of chemical or metallurgical process plant installations;

- Based on knowledge of site conditions, methods and materials available, time factors and costs, works up a design and/or alternative designs to achieve the desired end, recommending optimum solution;

- Prepares reports, cost estimates, specifications;

- Consults with and provides specialized instruction for Drafting Department in respect of design notes and sketches;

- Confers with more senior design engineers and one of a design project team and with Manufacturing and Purchasing personnel, as necessary to exchange information;

- Confers with senior members of consultant's (or client's) organization; with contractors and suppliers.

Recommendations, Decisions and Commitments

Recommendations are usually based on operational experience and are relied upon as sound and authoritative within the scope of an assignment. Errors of judgement could cause con-siderable financial loss.

Assignments are responsible and varied. Within the scope of an assignment, work is relied upon as sound and authoritative. Recommendations and decisions are usually based on precedent. Difficult, complex or unusual decisions are usually referred to more senior authority. Errors of judgement might cause serious losses.

Supervision Received

Work not generally supervised in detail. More senior geological expertise is generally available for consultation.

Work is not generally supervised in detail and the amount of supervision varies with the assignment. Usually more senior supervision is available to review work programs to give guidance.

Leadership Authority

May guide the work of several more junior geologists and/or technologists when they are assigned to the same project.

May guide the work of several more junior engineers or technicians when they are employed on the same projects.

Guide to Entrance Qualifications

Appropriate B.Sc. degree, normally with three to five years' working experience since graduation.

Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Applied Science or its equivalent, normally with three to five years' related working experience since the graduation level.

Job Rating Factor

A 55

B 65

C 50

D 60

E 40

F 15

G 0

H 10

I 5

J 5

K 3

A 55

B 65

C 50

D 60

E 40

F 20

G 8

H 5

I 3

J 0

K 3

Total Points