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Sales Engineer

Specialist (Petroleum) Geologist

Production Engineer

Responsible for field sales of apparatus and other delegated products to prospective and established customers. Discusses product application with a good knowledge of customers' technical problems. Determines customers' requirements and takes orders or reports to own department. Expedites deliveries and follows up to ensure satisfaction.

Conducts comprehensive geological studies and prepares recommendations relative to lease acquisitions and exploratory activities in areas approved for activity.

Directs the operation of two or more production units comprising a distinct area or segment of the total process , each unit being supervised by a foreperson or a series of forepersons, one or more of whom may be an engineer. Maintenance and control systems based on engineering principles, as well as the susceptibility of the process to variations from standard, require an engineering background for sustained successful direction of the operation.

- Visits new or prospective customers to discuss products on the basis of the company's experience in similar fields and a knowledge of the technical customer’s requirements;

- Investigates product applications, recommends modifications; ensures proper servicing; proposes adjustments as required;

- For fairly standardized products and adaptation, quotes prices, terms and deliveries;

- May conduct correspondence on product applications and adjustments;

- Transmits all pertinent information to Sales Department to facilitate cost estimating, proper design or modifications where necessary, and ensures that the requirements will be met;

- Acts as technical consultant to customers on their problems to ensure best use of the company's products. May participate in the sales planning of the department;

- May be required to travel extensively and to entertain customers' representatives.

In collaboration with other company personnel, including landmen, geophysicists and engineers:

- Prepares and reviews with the District Geologist, recommendations for lease acquisitions, geo-physical investigations, drilling of exploratory wells and other technical studies to further the district exploratory effort;

- Cllects and analyses, or directs, the preparation and analysis of geophysical data in order to recommend appropriate development procedures to the District Geologist;

- Prepares and/or supervises the preparation of maps and provides interpretations to aid the Production Department in making economic analyses and reserve estimates;

- Maintains contact with outside geological personnel, associations and others in order to keep up to date on current events in the industry;

- Assists in making or makes economic analyses pertaining to exploration plays, exploratory well proposals, farm-ins and farm-outs, drilling contributions, rental payments, and purchase and sale of oil and gas leases.

- Instructs forepersons regarding objectives. Participates with technical control, development, design and maintenance engineers in analyzing off- standard conditions and the feasibility of new procedures;

- Accountable for quality, quantity, cost, safety and employee relations in the area under direction.

Within the scope of the assigned working area, work is relied upon by customers and employer superiors as accurate and sound.

Recommendations and decisions are usually based on precedent. Difficult, complex or unusual decisions are usually referred to more senior authority. Errors of judgement might cause serious losses to a customer which could result in large losses to the employer.

Recommends to the District Geologist and other senior personnel in the company, lease acquisitions, geological investigations, exploratory well drilling programs, and technical studies to further the district exploratory effort.

Recommends improvements in procedures and changes in policy. Participates in formulation of policy. Approves transfers and promotions. Recommends salary increases. May approve wage rate changes. Major problems normally referred to higher authority but in emergency must be decided directly and quickly.

Work is not generally supervised in detail and the amount of supervision varies with the assignment. Usually more senior supervision is available to review work programs to give guidance.

General supervision is provided; work is assigned in terms of well-defined objectives and the results desired; informed guidance is readily available.

Daily contact with next level of supervision shared with other area supervisors.

May guide the work of several more junior sales engineers or technicians.

Supervision is incidental to other work performed. May train and direct junior professionals and technologists in work methods relating to assigned projects. May allocate and check work for accuracy and completeness. May assist in the training and development of geological personnel.

General supervision over area. Available for consultation by subordinates 24-hour basis, but normally constantly available during day shift only.

Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Applied Science or its equivalent, normally with three to five years' related working experience since the graduation.

B.Sc. in Geology or Geophysics with normally five to ten years of related experience, or a Master's Degree in Geology or Geophysics with four to six years of related experience.

Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Applied Science or its equivalent, normally with five to eight years' experience from graduation, preferably including three to five years in a supervisory capacity.

A — 70

B — 65

C — 50

D — 60

E — 40

F — 15

G — 5

H — 5

I — 0

J — 10

K — 0

A — 70

B — 65

C — 70

D — 80

E — 45

F — 20

G — 3

H — 8

I — 0

J — 5

K — 3

A — 70

B — 65

C — 60

D — 70

E — 50

F — 20

G — 20

H — 10

I — 5

J — 0

K — 5





Project Engineer

Supervising Engineer


Acts in a staff role in the design of buildings and machinery. Coordinates design work of subordinates and supervises construction in the course of duties, may supervise a group of ten other engineers, technicians and draftspersons.

Supervises an engineering group of up to about ten professional and/or non-professional technical people performing a variety of duties, normally in a single field of engineering, e.g. structural design, mechanical design, electrical design or concerned with a single product design.


- Prepares studies and financial analyses of proposed capital expenditures. Advises management on choice of equipment and process design for these expenditures. Prepares specifications and orders for material and machinery for new installation;

- Designs buildings and machinery, assisted by subordinates;

- Prepares contracts, advises on choice of contractors, directs and supervises the selected contractors. Evaluates machinery;

- Controls the project until it is completed.

- Plans detailed methods of solving assigned problems such as: the design of new structures; modifications or additions to existing structures; project concerned with product improvements, manufacturing method changes, equipment or process changes;

- Delegates components to staff, sees the work through to meet schedules and coordinates assignments with other groups;

- Prepares or requests preparation of design notes, drawings, specifications and occasionally prototypes or models;

- May give technical direction to construction or installation or design projects to ensure adherence to specifications;

- Prepares or requests preparation of cost estimates, engineering studies and reports as required;

- Responsible for the maintenance of engineering office files, equipment and procedures;

- Confers, as required, with senior engineers and management of the company, occasionally with contractors, consultants and suppliers.

Recommendations, Decisions and Commitments

Recommendations include choice among alternatives in design, machinery and process. Will be required to devise new approaches to methods of reaching solutions. Errors could cause extra expenditures in money or time.

Recommendations will normally relate to alternatives in design or use of different materials to achieve the same purpose and are subject to review to ensure accordance with overall plans and company policies. Modifies existing engineering criteria as occasion demands by devising new approaches to the solution of problems. Errors could cause delays, possibly extending into areas where expenditures might be involved.

Supervision Received

Works under general direction and guidance in order to reach objectives. Reacts to priorities. Cooperates with peer groups.

Works under general direction and guidance following instructions relating to objectives, relative priorities and necessary cooperation with other units.

Leadership Authority

Outlines work for subordinates and review of adequacy. Responsible for personnel assigned on a permanent or temporary basis. Acts as company representative in dealing with contractors.

Makes recommendations concerning selection and termination, and is responsible for the training, rating and discipline of staff. Outlines and assigns work, and reviews it for technical adequacy.

Guide to Entrance Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in Applied Science or its equivalent, normally with seven to ten years' experience in the related field since graduation.

Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Applied Science or its equivalent, normally with nine to twelve years' experience related to the type of work since graduation.

Job Rating Factor

A — 70

B — 65

C — 70

D — 80

E — 55

F — 20

G — 10

H — 5

I — 5

J — 2

K — 5

A — 70

B — 65

C — 90

D — 80

E — 55

F — 30

G — 10

H — 5

I — 0

J — 0

K — 0

Total Points