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Supervising Highway Const. Engineer

Senior Engineer - Specialist

Senior Production Engineer

Supervises highway construction projects. Responsible for hiring, firing, promotion, training and discipline of about 70 professional and other subordinates. Designs certain non-complex structures. Department representative in control of contractor's work.

Under administrative and/or high technical direction, works as a senior engineer-specialist or consultant in a particular field of engineering, development or research. Participates in planning, organizes work methods and procedures. Makes independent decisions within own sphere, usually exercising technical authority over a small group of engineer specialists.

Directs the operation of two or more complex continuous processes, i.e. chemical, mining, etc., producing large quantities of product with reliance upon engineering control and maintenance systems.

- Through subordinates, supervises field crews and control equipment. Administers the personnel aspect for group;

- Ensures that contractors observe the terms of the contract and adhere to specifications. Authorizes changes to specifications where necessary and negotiates bids for work not covered by the contract.

- Liaises between own crew or contractors and other agencies or group;

- Designs certain structures such as retaining walls, culverts and super-span culverts;

- Checks claims from contractors when these refer to extras or alterations to contract.

- Provides specialized advice of an advanced technological nature for the solution of specific problems;

- Participates in planning by providing original and ingenious approaches to the practical and economical solution of problems;

- Within own specialized sphere, directs research into new resources, products, processes or methods;

- Interprets and evaluates data obtained from various engineering and/or research investigations;

- Keeps well informed of the latest technological developments relating to field of practice;

- Ensures that staff morale is maintained at a high level by building a reputation for efficient planning and a high level of creative thinking.

- Plans production in coordination with other operations and customer demand;

- Assists technical control personnel in establishing standards and field tests;

- Coordinates, specifies and schedules production and maintenance. Analyzes and corrects off-standard conditions with specialized technical assistance;

- Accountable for quality, quantity, costs, safety and employee relations.

Recommendations are of broad scope in achievement of objectives. Required to make decisions in the field when plans and contact require alteration. Responsible for the overall performance of crews.

Makes responsible decisions, subject only to highest technical review, on all matters assigned to jurisdiction. Decisions involving large sums of money or the selection of long-range objectives are usually referred to higher authority. Takes courses of action necessary to expedite the successful accomplishment of assigned projects.

Recommends improvements in plant procedures and changes in policy. Participates in policy formulation. Approves salary increases. Has wide latitude for decisions affecting operations.

Works from generally accepted departmental policy and from established priorities. Considers relations with municipalities and other agencies affected by construction.

Work is assigned in terms of broad objectives to be accomplished, leaving wide authority within sphere, with virtually no technical guidance, but subject to general administrative control.

Broad direction received from Plant Manager in a small plant varying to limited supervision from Production Superintendent in a large plant.

Responsible for all aspects of the work of assigned subordinates.

Gives technological advice & direction to a group of professional specialists. Understanding the necessity of maintaining an atmosphere of free-thinking creativity, outlines difficult problems and methods of approach. Coordinates work programs and directs use of equipment and material.

Directs activities of from 50 to over 200 people depending upon complexity of operation.

Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Applied Science or its equivalent, normally with seven to ten years' related experience since graduation.

Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Applied Science or its equivalent, normally with nine to twelve years (or Master's or other advanced degree with six or more years) of diversified research-development and/or design experience from the graduation level.

Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Applied Science or its equivalent, normally with nine to twelve years' experience since graduation including five to ten years in a supervisory capacity.

A 70

B 65

C 70

D 70

E 50

F 30

G 35

H 10

I 5

J 12

K 5

A 90

B 90

C 90

D 80

E 60

F 40

G 10

H 5

I 5

J 0

K 5

A 90

B 65

C 90

D 90

E 60

F 40

G 40

H 5

I 5

J 5

K 3





Chief Design Engineer

Engineering Manager


Directs the staff of an engineering office and coordinates the work of the design staff with that of field staff including several professional functions.

Manages a large staff, administers and coordinates several professional, sub-professional and/or mechanical trades functions.


- Plans and allocates work on broad general assignments with the limits of company policy;

- Establishes working programs to attain objective in the most economical manner;

- Acts as engineering consultant and advisor to the company;

- Assists in developing and maintaining contacts inside and outside the company;

- Makes direct contact with clients.

- Works independently on broad general assignments with responsibility for planning associated activities, limited only by company policy;

- Participates in establishing objectives and basic operating policies. Devises ways of reaching program objectives in the most economical manner and of meeting any unusual conditions affecting work progress;

- Conducts the normal administrative functions related to position;

- Acts as engineering consultant and advisor to the organization;

- Develops and maintains top level contacts inside and outside the company.

Recommendations, Decisions and ComCommitments

Makes responsible decisions within the limits of company policy. Recommends changes in company policy. Implements policies affecting company expenditure and makes decisions affecting operations.

Makes responsible decisions without reference to superiors. Implements approved major programs involving expenditures of large sums of money. Errors in judgement could cause grave losses.

Supervision Received

Broad direction from President or Vice President of company. Work is reviewed for adherence to company policy. Occasional review of technical matters.

Work is reviewed for accomplishment, adherence to company policy and coordination with other phases of company's operations.

Leadership Authority

Selects, rates, disciplines and terminates staff. Reviews and evaluates technical work. Coordinates staff requirements and disposition to suit schedule of work in hand and work planned. Allocates work to various section or project heads.

Makes decisions regarding the selection, development, rating, discipline and termination of staff. Reviews and evaluates technical work. Selects, schedules and coordinates to attain program objectives.

Guide toEntrance Qualications

Bachelor's degree in Engineering and broad engineering experience of fifteen years or more, of which about three to five years should have been in responsible administrative duties.

Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Applied Science or its equivalent, normally with broad engineering experience including responsible administrative duties.

Job Rating Factor

A 130

B 65

C 113

D 90

E 70

F 60

G 20

H 5

I 0

J 5

K 3

A 130

B 65

C 138

D 105

E 80

F 60

G 40

H 5

I 0

J 0

K 0

Total Points