It is a good idea to start documenting your experience and developmental programs early in your career. There are four good reasons for this. First, you will need detailed information on your experience in order to demonstrate to the Board of Examiners that you have been practicing engineering, geology or geophysics for the required amount of time and at the required level. Second, if you are working in a remote area without close professional supervision, or if you are supervised by a professional from outside the company (whom you may see less frequently), you will definitely need good documentation. Third, in Canada some jurisdictions that provide the same functions as APEGGA demand a logbook of your experience. If you expect to move, or want the flexibility to be able to move, APEGGA recommends that you maintain a detailed diary. Finally, after you are licensed as a professional member, there is a mandatory requirement as part of the Continuing Professional Development Program that you document any activities that have enabled you to maintain your competence.

The Board of Examiners needs evidence that you have experience in the five components mentioned earlier, and that you have been practicing at the required level. This requires information on position titles, job descriptions, specific assignments and responsibilities, values, successes, degrees of independence and initiative needed, and evidence of increasing levels of responsibility. It is best to break down the information into time segments of no less than six, but no more than twelve months, or use project segments, with no more than a page dedicated to each segment. A typical resume does not usually provide the detail required.

The Board will also need a list of the professional development courses and seminars you have attended. Indicate the number of contact hours that were involved in each. You may find the Experience Record form in Appendix 3 useful. It is also available in downloadable format from the website at Samples of completed forms can be found in Appendix 4.

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