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Human Rights

Human Rights Issues in Professional Practice - A Guideline....click here

This guideline was prepared by a sub-committee of the Practice Standards Committee whose mandate is "to enhance the quality and value of professional services to the public". Practicing members representing clients, permit holding companies and consultants participated directly in developing the contents of the guideline. It was approved for publication by APEGGA Council in February, 1997.

Workplace Discrimination Policy....click here

The objectives of the policy is to have a workplace environment free from discrimination or harassment by employer, employee or volunteers. The Association prohibits any form of discrimination of employers, volunteers or prespective employees, and further prohibits any retaliatary action against an employee who files a complaint of discrimination or harassment in good fath. The policy applies to APEGGA staff and volunteers working with the Association. It does not apply to Permit holders or employers of an APEGGA member. The policy was approved by the APEGGA Council in April, 1999.

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