Revised Stamping Policy

APEGGA Council has approved the stamping of work prepared by others after the work has been thoroughly reviewed by the stamping APEGGA member who then accepts the same responsibilities as if the APEGGA member was the designer. Under the previous policy, when an APEGGA member reviewed the work of others, a separate, stamped letter was issued describing the extent of the review and conclusions.

As a result of a discipline case, Council requested Practice Standards Committee (PSC) to review current policy in this area. Under policy then in effect, an APEGGA member could only stamp work prepared by the member or under the member’s direct supervision.

In addressing the request of Council, a PSC subcommittee canvassed our equivalent associations in other provinces and territories in relation to stamping of review work, and with provincial government departments respecting the providing of a stamped letter attesting to the review of work stamped out-of-province.

Although other provinces have similar words to ours in their respective legislation, seven sister associations permit or encourage their members to stamp the work of others after a thorough review and acceptance of responsibility. Two provincial government departments insist on drawings stamped by an APEGGA member; a letter identifying the review and reviewer can be misplaced and separated from the reviewed document.

It was also noted in addressing the issue that existing APEGGA policy is in conflict with requirements in Safety Codes legislation in the province. Changing the policy not only relates to provincial legislation, but provides better protection to the public by clearly identifying the responsible APEGGA member on the documents.

The new policy also discourages any potential practice of stamping without review, and offers an opportunity to clarify the responsibilities that a reviewing member is assuming and to educate APEGGA members. The new policy should also encourage a higher level of care on the part of the reviewer by reducing the opportunity to limit the review or the reviewer’s responsibility in a stamped letter.

Documents stamped in this fashion will not be considered to be in breach of Regulation 51 or the Code of Ethics provided all other professional requirements are met.

December 13, 1995

Professional Designations, Professional Stamps and Permit Stamps -- A Guideline

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