strategic plan

APEGGA strategic plan 2005 - 2015

As part of the strategic planning undertaken by Council, an updated Strategic Plan is being prepared. Input and insights from Members and other stakeholders will be important influences as the following consultation draft of the Strategic Plan is shaped into the final Strategic Plan, which will be approved by Council in June 2005. Please take some time to read over the document and provide your feedback on the form provided or on our website.

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The ultimate purpose of the 2005 Strategic Plan is to distill Council’s thinking about the long-term future – ten years hence – so that decisions and actions during the next year or two will consistently move APEGGA towards long term goals. A well-constructed Strategic Plan should answer the following
questions, in clear and straightforward terms:

1. In ten years, what do we want our professions and our Association to
look like?

2. Along the way, what are the most important opportunities to be pursued and what are the most pressing threats to be countered?

3. In the next year or two, what are the highest priority actions to be taken?

Do you buy into the Strategic Vision proposed in this consultation draft of the Strategic Plan? Can you suggest improvements? Does the document highlight the most significant issues facing the professions? Among the proposed tactics, which are the highest priorities deserving immediate action?

We look forward to receiving your feedback and thank you in advance for your participation.

The Strategic Planning Task Force
Dave Chalcroft, P.Eng.
Chrys. Dmytruk, P.Eng.
Barbara Howes, P.Eng.
Ian McIlreath, P.Geol.
Larry Ohlhauser, M.D.
Larry Staples, P.Eng., Chair
Linda Van Gastel, P.Eng.
Neil Windsor, P.Eng.