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FREE University Student Memberships

APEGGA Student Advantage Program

Get with the Program!

You are the future members of The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA). With more than 31,000 members, APEGGA is the largest self-governing professional body in the province. It serves society by regulating, enhancing and providing leadership in the professions of engineering, geology and geophysics. The future of the professions holds great promise and exciting opportunities. Engineers and geoscientists have contributed significantly to the province's economy and the well-being of Albertans. As an APEGGA professional, you will play a role in building on the successes of your predecessors.

APEGGA is committed to your success and is pleased to introduce the APEGGA Student Advantage Program (ASAP) to support you in your studies. In addition to providing scholarships, student society funding, special events on campus, seminars and courses, and networking opportunities, we are now able to extend to you many of the benefits currently enjoyed by our professional members.

APEGGA is committed to:

  • helping you better understand the engineering, geology and geophysics professions
  • increasing your awareness of and participation in APEGGA programs and services
  • enhancing your relationship with your future professional association

This membership is open to second, third and fourth year students enrolled in engineering, geology or geophysics programs, and it's FREE! So, make the most of your university experience and Get With the Program -- ASAP!


There are a variety of programs offered to APEGGA professionals. As a student member of the Association, you can take advantage of these same programs by quoting your membership number. With more than 31,000 members, APEGGA's buying power is significant and these benefits are passed on to you.


Résumé Referral Service

Looking for employment? APEGGA forwards the résumés of qualified members to employers who have specified their requirements. This service also provides limited free space in The PEGG (APEGGA's regular publication) and on the Association's web site, enabling employees and employers to post employment ads. Upwards of 200 members find jobs annually via this service. For more information contact APEGGA, toll free: 1-800-661-7020.

Salary Survey

The Association's annual salary survey is compiled to provide a snapshot of industry compensation by levels of responsibility of members. For more information contact APEGGA, toll free: 1-800-661-7020.

Student Business Cards

For a nominal charge, we will prepare business cards for you to hand out during networking opportunities such as at mixers, special events or career fairs. To order your business cards, simply complete the information on the registration form and forward it to the nearest APEGGA office.

Get Hired Workshops (University of Alberta)

Held annually, these workshops help students prepare for job interviews using role-playing techniques and tips on successfully landing that first job! You can find out more about the workshops by contacting the student society office or APEGGA.

Student Mixers

Meet members-in-training and professional members of APEGGA, as well as representatives of local technical societies, at special events and networking opportunities hosted by the Association. The events will help you get an edge on what's happening in the working world and make valuable connections with possible future employers and folks who can help you in your career.


Car & Home Insurance

Competitive rates and service has encouraged many APEGGA members to participate in this program. For more information contact Meloche Monnex Insurance Program, toll free: 1-800-268-8955.

Car Purchase & Lease Plan

New or used? Lease or buy? Automobile or light truck? Your options are open and this new program can significantly reduce your time commitment with a single phone call. For more information contact Royalty Auto Sales and Leasing, toll free: 1-800-667-2886.

Car Rental Plan

Planning a trip? Need to rent a vehicle for a short period of time? An agreement with Budget Car & Truck Rentals can help you get discounted rental rates on that next car or truck rental. Contact APEGGA, toll free: 1-800-661-7020, for the group ID number and then contact your nearest Budget office to reserve your vehicle.

Health and Dental Insurance

Coverage includes medical procedures and prescriptions beyond the coverage of provincial medicare programs. For more information contact Aetna Life Insurance Company of Canada, toll free: 1-800-661-3300.

Travel Insurance

A solid and extensive travel medical insurance plan makes travelling worry free. For more information contact Meloche Monnex Insurance Program, toll free: 1-800-268-8955.

Life Insurance

You are eligible for group rates on term life and accidental death insurance. For more information contact Manulife Financial, toll free: 1-800-668-0195.

Group RRSP

All the savings and tax benefits of RRSPs plus the advantage of a group plan. For more information contact Manulife Financial, toll free: 1-800-268-6689.


Professions & Ethics Courses/Seminars

Courses and seminars are offered during your fourth year to provide you with a better understanding of the professions, the APEGGA Code of Ethics and your future responsibilities as a professional (ENG 400 and EAS 400 at the University of Alberta; ENG 513 at the University of Calgary). There is also a special workshop and luncheon held in conjunction with the Ring Ceremonies for graduating students that will help you gain a better understanding of your future role and responsibilities.

Branch Lunches

The APEGGA branch in your area holds regular meetings, usually including a meal and guest speaker. APEGGA supports a discounted fee for student members.


The Association provides annual operational grants to the university student societies to fund events and activities on campus and participation in student conferences or conventions. For more information contact your student society office.


APEGGA acknowledges the academic ability of students studying engineering or the geosciences by providing $80,000 annually in awards and scholarships. Check with your student awards office on campus to gather more information about the various awards and scholarships or contact The APEGGA Education Foundation at (780) 421-0557.


APEGGA Student Web Page (at http://www.apegga.org)

We're preparing a section of our web site dedicated to you. Find out about:

  • future networking and educational events in "PEGG These Dates"
  • more about APEGGA and its members
  • service and course providers
  • new developments in the APEGGA Student Advantage Program
  • lots of cool links

Subscription to The PEGG

As a member, you will receive a subscription to The PEGG, delivered directly to you. The PEGG is the regular publication of APEGGA and provides insights into trends, technology, member news and events and other areas of interest to the professions. The PEGG also features association news and information on events of particular interest to students.

More Connections

You can increase your connections by joining professional members at events held by the many technical societies in Alberta and learn more about professional issues by attending the APEGGA Annual General Conference.

You can make an impact by inspiring a generation of young people to follow in your footsteps by choosing engineering or the geosciences as a future career. The APEGGA Student Outreach Program places professionals and students in classrooms around the province to help teachers educate students about the value of these professions and the prospect of future careers. Volunteer and be a role model!

Join Today!

To become a student member, simply fill out the registration form and return it to the APEGGA office by mail or drop it off at the mailbox located in the Engineering and Geoscience Student Society Offices.

Contact the ASAP Coordinator at:

Head Office
1500 Scotia One
10060 Jasper Avenue NW
Edmonton AB T5J 4A2
Tel: (780) 426-3990
Fax: (780) 426-1877
Toll Free: 1-800-661-7020
E-mail: email@apegga.org

Calgary Office
1600 Life Plaza
734 - 7 Avenue SW
Calgary AB T2P 3P8
Tel: (403) 262-7714
Fax: (403) 269-2787


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