January, 2000

Season's Greetings
at a Special Time

As witnesses of the last part of the millennium, we have experienced tremendous advances within in our lifetimes. Throughout the millennium drawing to a close --- and even before it --- active minds were developing inventions and procedures to improve and extend our lives chronologically, technically and geographically. Be it the Romans' aqueduct, the mechanical clock, the steam engine, offshore exploration, the Internet or understanding DNA, inventive problem-solving of the sort that engineers and geoscientists apply has been a constant ingredient. Imagining what's yet to come may be difficult but it's not stopping engineers and geoscientists from doing just that. At the time of this momentous transition, we at APEGGA extend a very traditional greeting of best wishes for the holiday season. We thank you for the journey through the 20th century and we look forward to being part of what lies ahead in the 21st.

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