January, 2000

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In order to respond to Members' interests in issues pertaining to the professions and APEGGA, and to increase contact with Members, starting with the September issue, The PEGG introduced a new regular feature inviting Members to submit questions. Questions should be clear, well-focused and of general interest to Members. Please include your name with the query. Normally, we will publish the questioner's name. However, The PEGG will withhold names upon request but we ask that you forward your name and a means of reaching you if clarification is needed. Please forward your question to: The Editor, The PEGG via mail (15th Floor, Scotia Place, Tower One, 10060 Jasper AV NW, Edmonton AB T5J 4A2); fax (780-425-1722) or e-mail (

Engineers, along with a number of other specified professionals, have long been able to serve as guarantors for persons wishing to obtain a Canadian passport, but what about geologists and geophysicists?

It is correct that engineers are (and long have been) able to serve as passport guarantors. Since 1990, the same has applied for geoscientists registered in Alberta. An important consideration for the Passport Office in determining who can be a guarantor, is a confirmed membership list allowing for immediate verification of individual guarantors. Such a list is available in the case of professional geologists and geophysicists registered with APEGGA.

The eligibility of geoscientists to serve as passport guarantors first granted in Alberta has been expanded to Canadian jurisdictions where the engineering associations include geoscientists. As other jurisdictions follow suit, geoscientists in these provinces and/ or territories also are expected to be able to serve as passport guarantors.

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