February, 2000

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APEGGA Mega Page
A New Look for the Millennium

It will be a fresh look at the professions for students, parents and teachers when they visit the APEGGA Mega Page, located on the APEGGA website. It is currently undergoing a design overhaul. When completed in mid-February, the Mega Page will:
  • provide information on the professions for students interested in pursuing engineering and geoscience careers:

  • feature hands-on science challenges for teachers to use in classrooms or students to try at home;

  • introduce two new features - "Ask an Expert", where we'll answer frequently asked questions about the professions, and "A Day in the Life", where APEGGA members will provide brief glimpses into a day in their life on the job - what's interesting, what's new, what students might want to know if they're interested in a job like theirs!

  • demonstrate real and relevant ways of how engineering, geology and geophysics touches the lives of Albertans every day, providing economic benefits and adding to the quality of life.

  • provide links to other cool science sites

The APEGGA Mega Page is a communications initiative to raise awareness of the professions and promote awareness of science and technology for students, teachers and parents.

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