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The PEGG February 1999

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National Engineering Week "It's all Around Us" / 1

APEGGA members will be apart of the effort to mark
National Engineering Week Feb. 26 to March 6.

President's Notebook / 3

APEGGA Council Nominations / 3

The nomination process for APEGGA Council is now complete. Ballots soon will be mailed. Check the list of those seeking Council positions.

Municipal Licences / 4

Requests by APEGGA and other professional associations have been heeded with respect to municipal licence requirements APEGGA Supports

APEGGA Supports Oil Sands Centre / 4

APEGGA donated $10,000 to the Friends of the Oil Sands Discovery Centre in Fort McMurray

Letters / 4

Calgary Branch 1999 Executive / 5

A new Executive was chosen at the APEGGAšs Calgary Branch Annual General meeting, where the audience also heard Ian Hutcheon, P.Geol., PhD, provide an historical perspective on the impact of carbon dioxide.

Enforcement Review / 5

Darcie H. Greggs, P.Geol., concludes a three-part series on the Enforcement Review Committee.

New Post For Dan Bader / 5

Dan Bader, P.Eng., who as Deputy Minister of Public Works, Supply and  Services, has worked closely with APEGGA, has taken up new duties in the Alberta government.

PD Co-ordinator / 5

As co-ordinator of Professional Development, Mischelle vanThiel will be based in APEGGAšs Calgary office.

LEGO Invention Adventure / 5

APEGGA sponsored the event which ran at the Calgary Science Centre.

Pipeline Integrity / 6

Alberta firms are finding demand for specialized services in the field of  pipeline integrity management.

More Women Enter Engineering / 6

A national survey points to an increasing presence of women in engineering.

Coalbed Methane / 7

Coalbed methane could make a transition from being considered a nuisance to becoming a valued energy source.

World Watch / 7

Items from the world engineering and geoscience press includes news on how space technology is helping to fight crime.

Oil and Fire / 8

The PEGG publishes a personal reminiscence about the early days of oil production in Alberta.

Coaldust Grins / 8

A new book by Lawrence Chrismas portrays Canadian coal miners in words and pictures.

Campus News / 9

Student news from the Universities of Alberta and Calgary.

Our Petroleum Challenge Releases New Edition / 9

PEMAC Moves west / 10

Christmas Candids / 11

Photo reminders from APEGGAšs Christmas receptions.

Ted Newall / 12

When NOVA Chairman Ted Newall received an Honorary APEGGA Membership last year, it punctuated a career-long association with engineers.

Gordon Ulrich Upbeat About Coalšs Future / 13

Luscar President Gordon Ulrich, P.Eng., was in the spotlight during the last year as the company acquired its Alberta rival Manalta Coal. Mr. Ulrich discusses the acquisition and the future of coal.

PETSOC At Fifty / 14

The Petroleum Society of CIM marks its 50th anniversary this year.

In the News / 15

National Engineering Week / 16

Micheline Bouchard, P.Eng., a former Chair of the Canadian Council of  Professional Engineers is Honorary Chair of National Engineering Week. A National Forum on Engineering and Continuing Education Forum takes place during the week.

Lifelong Learning / 17

Bruce Peachey, P.Eng., concludes a four-part series on lifelong learning by discussing different learning styles.

Careers / 18

Have Your Say / 19

Registration / 20-21

APEGGA Calendar / 22

Society Events / 22

PEGG These Dates / 23

The Hole Story / 24

The Hole family and Lockerbie & Hole Contracting Ltd., are closely connected with engineering and the growth of Alberta.

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