April, 2000


How can APEGGA members place resolutions before the Annual General Meeting?

Itís quite simple. One way is to forward a written copy of the resolution to the APEGGA Executive Director prior to the Annual General Meeting. An alternative is for any member who has signed in at the AGM to verbally present a motion from the floor of the meeting. If seconded, the motion can be considered by and be voted upon by those attending the AGM. Should the motion be carried at the AGM, APEGGA Council is required to consider the motion at its next regular meeting. However, beyond that, Council is not obligated to take further action on resolutions passed by the AGM.

The PEGG welcomes questions pertaining to the professions and APEGGA. Questions should be clear, well-focused and of general interest to members. Please include your name with the query. Normally, we will publish the questioner's name. However, The PEGG will withhold names upon request but we ask that you forward your name and a means of reaching you if clarification is needed. Please forward your question to: The Editor, The PEGG via mail (15th Floor, Scotia One, 10060 Jasper AV NW, Edmonton AB T5J 4A2); fax (780-425-1722) or e-mail (


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