"Awarded to an APEGGA member whose nomination is received within ten years of eligibility for professional registration in Canada. The award recognizes exceptional achievement in the early years of an engineer's, geologist's or geophysicist's professional career. The member will have shown outstanding work-related achievement and continued leadership in the profession and community."

Stephen John Stanley, P.Eng., PhD

Stephen Stanley, P.Eng., PhD, completed his bachelor's degree in civil engineering (1986), master's degree in water resources (1988), and PhD in environmental engineering (1995) at the University of Alberta. Since 1993, he has been an assistant professor in the department of civil engineering at the university. His current duties include teaching both the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as conducting graduate student research. He is also the representative for the Faculty of Engineering on the Association of Academic Staff.

Dr. Stanley's research has concentrated on the development and assessment of treatment techniques for water and wastewater, and the assessment of natural water quality. In the last five years, his research has resulted in the publication of one chapter in a book, 25 refereed journal articles, and 66 conference paper and technical reports. Also during this period, one doctoral and eight master's degree students have graduated under his direction. Some of his work on larger research projects resulted in his becoming science component leader for the drinking water group in the Northern River Basin Study; a member of the National Centres of Excellence in Sustainable Forest Management; and being named a recent recipient of a research grant from the American Water Works Association Research Foundation to investigate the use of artificial intelligence techniques for the modelling and process control of water treatment processes. Research work has also been conducted for federal, provincial, and municipal governments, and a number of industries.

Dr. Stanley has set one of the environmental exams for the APEGGA Board of Examiners. He is part of the organizing committee for the American Society of Civil Engineers/ Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Joint Environmental Engineering Conference being held in Edmonton this year. In addition to his work at the university, he has been involved in consulting activities with a number of local and international consultants, reviewed issues related to international interbasin water transfers for Environment Canada, reviewed landfill applications for Edmonton Board of Health, and he is a member of the Task Force on North Saskatchewan River Water Quality.

Dr. Stanley also participates in a number of community activities, notably: the Edmonton Public Schools' "Read in Program", which involves reading stories to elementary school students; as a mentor for students in the "FIRST" program at W.P. Wagner School of Science and Technology; as a presenter at a number of school career days and at the Alberta Teachers' Association Annual Conference; and as a high school basketball coach.


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