Getting the Word Out:
Public Relations at APEGGA

They're sometimes referred to as the "right brain" of the organization - if engineers and geoscientists can be referred to as "left brain". It's their job to get the word out; to raise the profile of the professions and the Association through advertising, media relations, special events, student outreach programs and other communications activities. They work behind the scenes to help to ensure APEGGA puts its best foot forward. On those occasions when that doesn't happen, they're ready to help get the right information out to the media and others. They're the public relations group at APEGGA. Two new staff members have joined the group's ranks recently.

Marissa Lee is the public affairs officer in Edmonton. She's been on staff since April, joining APEGGA from Alberta Community Development where she was an information officer within its communications division. She holds a B.A., with a major in communications, from Simon Fraser University (Burnaby). Since joining the Association, she has been working on developing materials for the student outreach program and organizing activities for National Science & Technology Week.

The Association's office in Calgary has been strengthened with the addition of Tracey Horne-Pettipas as the public affairs officer. She holds a B.Sc. from Acadia University (Wolfville) and a diploma in public relations from Algonquin College (Ottawa). She assumed her new position in July. Ms. Horne-Pettipas will be responsible for co-ordinating the Association's public relations and student outreach programs in southern Alberta.

The other members of the public relations group include: Jeanne Keaschuk, student outreach co-ordinator for northern Alberta; her assistant Lindsay Malden; and Public Relations Assistant Janene Kana. The group reports to Manager of Public Relations Kimberly Nishikaze, who has been responsible for APEGGA public relations activities for the past five years.

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