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Edmonton Re-Engineers
Its Transit System
/ 1
With its staff engineers playing a key role, Edmonton Transit this summer unveiled Horizon 2000, a major redesign of the way the way the city's bus routes operate.

APEGGA Sponsors Workshops As Prelude to Growth Summit / 1
With assistance from members and other invited participants who attended two APEGGA-sponsored mini-summits, the Association is preparing a submission for consideration as part of the Alberta Growth Summit '97, being held Sept. 29-30 in Edmonton.

Preparing for the Growth Summit / 3
In the context of the historic contributions that members of APEGGA have made toward economic growth, prosperity, and public safety, in his President's Notebook for September, APEGGA President Dennis Lindberg, P.Eng., discusses the role of the upcoming Alberta Growth Summit '97.

New Public
Affairs Staff / 3

APEGGA Public Affairs Officer and Marissa Lee in Edmonton and Tracey Horne-Pettipas in Calgary are recent additions to APEGGA's Public Affairs staff.

Letters / 4
Readers express their views.

Science & Tech Week / 5
APEGGA will lend its support to National Science and Technology Week, Oct. 17-26.

The Big Bridge / 5

Alberta engineers contributed toward construction of the Confederation Bridge linking New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Now they are monitoring its performance.

Common Exams / 6
APEGGA and most of its counterparts are participating in a pilot program to ensure that exams assigned in various jurisdictions across Canada are of a more uniform and consistent standard.

Joint Meeting / 6

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering and the American Society of Civil Engineers staged a special conference on environmental engineering in Edmonton in July.

PMI Offers Options
For Learning / 7

Branches of the Project Management Institute have stepped up efforts for members to expand their professional expertise.

What's New in Professional Development / 7
Christine Smith, who as APEGGA's Co-ordinator for the Continuing Professional Development Program is based in the Calgary office, provides an update on Professional Development initiatives.

The Future Of
Human Resources / 8

Human resources specialists will need added foresight to meet the demands of the workplace write Katherine Bondy and Rob Macdonald, P.Eng.

New NSERC Chair
At U of C / 9

Elizabeth Cannon, P.Eng., PhD, is the initial appointee to the new NSERC-Petro-Canada Chair for Women in Science and Engineering at The University of Calgary.

Discover E Camp / 9
University of Alberta's engineering and science camps attracted record numbers of Grade 5-10 students this year.

Old Tires Fill
New Need / 11

Shredded tires are finding use in a new landfill site near Ryley, Alberta.

Shifts From Coal /12

The CANMET Western Research Centre at Devon has been transformed from a coal research centre to one stressing heavy oil and oil sands investigations.

Peacock Hits
Century Mark / 13

Peacock Inc., a diversified company providing a range of engineering-related services, is celebrating its centenary.

In the News / 14
Bob Manuel, P.Eng., PhD, the newly elected vice-chair of the Alberta Motor Association, is among the APEGGA members picked to fill new posts or singled out for recognition.

 Supporting Red River
Flood Relief / 15

Through a special fund, constituent associations of the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers are providing relief for those who suffered loss during the Red River floods.

APEGGA Women's Club -- Edmonton Executive / 15
The APEGGA Women's Club in Edmonton has announced its 1997-98 Executive.

Technical Societies
Guide / 16-17

This PEGG contains the annual listing of some 60 technical societies which have an affiliation with APEGGA. The list provides the names of the presidents/chairs of these organizations, as well as other key contacts.

Careers / 19
Registration / 20-21
Grads in the Family / 21
In response to a PEGG request, some members have provided the names of close relatives who have recently graduated from university.

PEGG These Dates / 22
Upcoming conferences and courses.

APEGGA Calendar / 23
It's a sure sign of fall. APEGGA and technical societies are stepping up activities. Please check the APEGGA calendar and listing of technical societies' upcoming events.

Stephen Stanley's
Watery Environment / 24

Stephen Stanley, P.Eng., PhD, recipient of the 1997 APEGGA Summit Award for Early Accomplishment, has a special affinity for water


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