October 2001

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Engineering Students' Society Spreads Spirit
Dedicated Students Put Time and Effort Into the Extras of University Life

University of Calgary

Another year has started for engineering students at the University of Calgary, but despite the busy schedules and already looming assignment deadlines, it isn't all drudgery. The Engineering Students' Society has come to the rescue.

Since the very beginning of the engineering program in Calgary, at SAIT in 1957, there has been an Engineering Students' Society. This year, several students have devoted their time and hard work to add that little extra to engineering student life. These students are proudly showing their leadership.

I would like to introduce you to the members of the Engineering Students' Society 2001/2002: President Christine Johanson; vice-president finance, Natasha Bond; VP academic, Rajeev Joshi; VP external, Dave Damberger; VP events, Kim Johnston; VP first and second year, Chris Popoff; public relations director, Joy Rattie; internal communications director, Keith Knudsen; finance commissioners, Curtis Sim and Warren Lippitt; external commissioner, Adrian Day; athletics coordinator, Dallas Kusak; social coordinator, Chris Wiseman; and secretary, Christina St. Pierre.

Not Just Social
But what do these individuals really do? How do they improve engineering student life? ESS performs a very essential role in engineering, both academically and socially.
From organizing supplementary tutorials, hosting speech competitions, creating study booklets and selling course manuals, the ESS provides students with a necessary service. Every year, engineering conferences are held throughout the country, giving students the opportunity to meet and discuss issues prevalent to engineering or to compete in design competitions. The ESS helps to facilitate these conferences.

In addition, the ESS also aims to ease the many pressures on students through various social activities.

The list of events organized, planned and hosted by the ESS throughout the year are numerous. To this date many events are already in the works to make the coming year memorable.

Events List

Frosh Week - Sept. 17-21
APEGGA Mixer - Oct. 3
Loonie Walk - Oct. 10
Haunted House - Oct. 27 and 28
Pie Throw - Nov. 26 - 30
ENG Week - Jan. 21 - 25
Annual First and Second Year Dinner - March 20
Iron Ring Grad Dinner - March 23
BSD Pancake Breakfast - April 10

Helping Others
Although many of these events are intended as a social experience within the engineering faculty, it is important to recognize that there is also a larger community touched by these activities. Through events such as the Loonie Walk, the ESS raises money for the United Way. Another example is the Annual Haunted House designed and operated by engineering students that raises financial support for UNICEF.

Through these events, students are able to give back to community while having fun.
The success of the ESS is depends on the support of three very distinct groups: the students, the faculty and industry. Since these services are mainly intended for students, student involvement is vital.

Faculty support and participation are also a needed. In the past, professors have been more that willing to literally take a "pie in the face" for a worthy cause.

Finally, the success of the ESS is largely reliant on corporate support, both financially and through involvement. For example, at SMED International the ESS managed to raise $2,500 in one day in last year's annual Pie Throw, whose proceeds went to the Calgary Urban Projects Society. It is this kind of industry involvement that is always welcome and always needed.

Bringing Us Together
The Engineering Students' Society is an invaluable part to the engineering student experience. And while there is no doubt that the council contributes to improving student life, its main objective is simply to have fun. If you have any questions or concerns for the Engineering Students' Society, call (403) 220-5737.
"Everything that we do as a council is out of an effort to bring students, faculty and industry together. We hope to build and continue that very visible and strong spirit of camaraderie that engineers are known for," says Keith Knudsen, last year's ESS president.

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