October , 1999


In order to respond to Members' interests in issues pertaining to the professions and APEGGA, and to increase contact with Members, starting with the September issue, The PEGG introduced a new regular feature inviting members to submit questions. Questions should be clear, well-focused and of general interest to Members. Please include your name with the query. Normally, we will publish the questioner's name. However, The PEGG will withhold names upon request but we ask that you forward your name and a means of reaching you if clarification is needed. Please forward your question to: The Editor, The PEGG, via mail (15th Floor, Scotia Place, Tower One, 10060 Jasper AVE NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 4A2); (fax (780) 425-1722) or e-mail (

APEGGA is contemplating changing the Code of Ethics. I thought that it was close to completion but I now understand that approval has been delayed. Can you elaborate?

A draft of the revised Code of Ethics was published in the January 1999 issue of The PEGG (Page 6). Since that time, the Practice Standards Committee (PSC) subcommittee reviewed the comments it received. It prepared a revised draft consisting of only the five fundamental principles with the intention of including the content of the sub-rules of the published draft in an amplification and commentary on the Code. PSC presented the five-rule Code to Council in February. In June, Council suggested that the subcommittee expand its membership to include representatives from APEGGA's statutory committees/boards to help resolve some of the differences of opinion on what the final content should be. It also requested that, when the next draft is brought forward to Council, the interpretative document (amplification and commentary) accompany the draft.

The Practice Standards Committee intends to publish that draft in an upcoming issue of The PEGG.

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